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Management training programs for managers at every levelWhat organization could not profit from having better managers and a more thoroughly-equipped management team? Everyone recognizes that management improvement is essential to sustained success.

As part of its LeaderPerfect® Resources, SLDI offers leadership and management training for every level of your organization, with customzied program designs to conform fully with your needs.

Over the past two decades, we have trained thousands of managers on four continents and across dozens of industries. Our proprietary tools and training models are relevant to managers in organizations of any size.

Experience has shown that management training and coaching are particularly valuable at certain management career transitions:

  • When people move into management for the first time
  • When managers move into their first role as a manager of managers
  • When managers make their initial move into upper management

Managers at each of these transition points need a broader array of skills and insights. We tailor our training to accommodate these varying needs at different career points.

Please Note: We do not currently host open-enrollment trainings for the general public. Our LeaderPerfect® trainings are all individually designed for specific businesses, nonprofits, or government entities and are delivered at their facility, as part of an off-site, or in a virtual format.

Management Training Courses

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►  Management Basics for Frontline and First-Time Managers

►  Enhanced Management Skills for Experienced Managers

►  Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Executives and Managers

►  Critical Thinking Skills for Managers

►  The Essentials of Being a Leader

►  Team Building: Creating High-Trust, Peak-Performance Teams

►  Team-Building: Integrating Teams Using Personal Core Values

Typical Training Fee Structure

Other Vital Trainings for Managers

Here are training themes on which we are regularly asked to design thoroughly customized training experiences. (Click on any item for an expanded description.)

►  Best Practices in Management Communication

As much as anything, management is about facilitating a smooth flow of communication — communicating vision and guidance downward, communicating feedback upward, communicating externally and internally with customers, and communicating collaboratively with peers and colleagues. SLDI provides customized trainings to enhance managers' skills in:

  • one-on-one communication
  • providing powerful feedback
  • speech-making and group presentations
  • written communication
  • effective use of PowerPoint and other presentation technology

►  Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and People Skills

Managers who come into their role from technical, engineering, or analytical backgrounds often struggle in their early management career because they have inadequate people skills. In many cases they chose a techinical, engineering, or analytical career in the first case because they were more drawn to working with things than with people. SLDI provides crash-course training to help managers gain a deeper understanding of what "makes their people tick." In addition, our trainings show them how to create the kind of emotional energy fields in their organization that are most conducive to innovation, collaboration, and peak-peformance.

►  Building a High-Trust Organization

At the heart of any well-tuned, top-performing organization is a high degree of trust. SLDI training shows managers practical, straight-forward steps to take in order to build trust both within their organization and in them personally as managers. Managers learn the five things that their people must feel in order for trust to prevail. And they examine seven personal characteristics that they must embody in order to be trusted leaders.

Customized Management Training

At every level of management, certain skill-sets make the difference between mediocre performance and resounding success. These vital management skills are  similar across all industries and professions. But how they are best applied may differ significantly from one corporate context or business environment to another.

When you work with SLDI, we customize our management trainings to take these differences into account. We tailor-make every training session to your specific corporate needs.

And we regularly design management trainings from scratch in order to conform with an organization's management requirements. We can design and develop customized classes on almost any management topic.

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