Dr. Mike Armour:
Professional Keynote Speaker

Need an unforgettable speaker for a special event?

Dr. Mike Armour has been keynoting conferences, fund-raisers, and charity functions for four decades. His energetic, dynamic style, punctuated with humor and thought-provoking perspectives, will captivate your audience from start to finish.

Put Mike Armour behind your microphone as your next keynote speaker Mike Armour delivering a keynote speech

A veteran professional speaker, Mike has spoken from coast-to-coast and in a half-dozen foreign countries. He gladly accepts assignments to design speeches for specific audiences or special occasions. He is particularly effective on subjects related to leadership, vision-casting, and building trust-centered organizations.

He also excels at patriotic themes, drawing on his formal training in history and his 35-year naval career. And his presentations on self-improvement are always enthusiastically received.

Several of his inspirational theme speeches on leadership are described below. (Click on the topic title for a description.) More extensive information is available at Mike's keynote speaker website.

►    Trust-Centered Leadership: Unleashing Peak Performance

In the wake of Enron and seemingly endless corporate scandals ever since, leadership credibility has been seriously wounded. People long for leaders who inspire genuine trust. Never before has the trusted leader been more powerful. Drawing on the primary themes of his best-selling book Leadership and the Power of Trust, Mike uses this speech to introduce the proven principles of Trust-Centered Leadership® that foster trust in the leader, as well as trust in and within the organization.

►    Agility, Speed, Innovation — The King-Makers in Business Today

In our hyper-competitive corporate environment, organizations thrive only to the degree that they embrace agility, spee, and Innovation. They must be agile enough to turn on a dime without losing momentum, fast enough to deliver quickly without losing quality or customer care, and innovative enough to stay at the leading edge. Here is how leaders must tackle that challenge.

►    Leadership FIRST

When leaders achieve their most striking results, five critical qualities always prevail. And the five can be remembered with the simple acronym FIRST: Focus, Inspiration, Resilience, Sustained Drive, and Team Trust.

►   When to Lead, When to Manage

Even though we use the words "leader" and" "manager" somewhat interchangeably, leaders and managers play notably different roles. After all, we would never speak of "leading a budget" or "leading an inventory." We only lead people. How, then, do we know when to wear a management hat and when to don a leadership hat? And what changes when we go from one to another? This presentation maps out those distinctions with clarity and practical insight.

►   The Only PEP Talk You'll Ever Need

When effectiveness crumbles, the problem usually lies in one of three areas. Either we've lost a singular focus on our PURPOSE. Or we're no longer relentless in our quest for EXCELLENCE. Or we've not maintained properly aligned PRIORITIES. Purpose-Excellence-Priorities: the PEP formula. Work the formula, find the problem, and you won't need a pep talk.

Global Speaker's Bureau logoMike is a long-standing member of the National Speaker Association and the Global Speakers Federation.