Executive Mentoring

Delivered Virtually or In Person

A young executive in a mentoring session with her executive mentor.

The right mentor opens endless possibilities for you

Mentoring for executivesExecutive mentors such as SLDI's Dr. Mike Armour serve as guides to help you work through issues like the following.

  • What's my next big step? And how do I get ready for it?
  • Am I headed in the right direction with my career? With my life?
  • Who are some leaders who should be role models for me?
  • What should I be reading? What podcasts should I be listening to?
  • Should I pursue an MBA? How do I find a good program?
  • Why does my career feel stuck? What can I do about it?
  • How can I be more self-confident? More self-assured?
  • Is there a way to find more fulfillment in my work?
  • How can I restore a better work-life balance?
  • What's the best framework for handling tough, ethical questions?

Your own questions may be altogether different. No two people turn to executive mentoring with the same set of concerns, the same set of worrisome issues.

As a result, no two mentoring engagements are exactly alike. Executive mentoring builds around your questions. Your issues. Your challenges.

Mentoring by Dr. Mike Armour

As your mentor, Dr. Mike draws on a unique blend of leadership experience and mentoring know-how. A former college president, Navy captain, CEO of an international non-profit, Congressional candidate, and minister for large urban churches, he knows firsthand the challenges of demanding leadership positions.

Moreover, he has been a confidant and advisor to business owners, corporate leaders, and professional specialists for over 30 years. Hundreds of executives, managers, and entrepreneurs have reached their most cherished goals by tapping into his wisdom and experience.

Most importantly, Dr. Mike is a superb listener. His follow-on questions guide conversations effortlessly into valued insights which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Leaders have always turned to trusted mentors . . .

. . . for counsel, advice, and independent viewpoints.

Indeed, mentoring and medicine are perhaps the oldest "people-helping" professions in the world.

Aristotle mentoring Alexander the Great

Ancient history is replete with stories of great leaders who honed their ability in the company of great mentors. Perhaps the most famous mentoring duo ever was Alexander the Great and his mentor Aristotle.

This "people-helping" spirit lives on today in executive mentoring.

Executive mentors play diverse roles in the lives of leaders, top managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Among other things a mentor provides:

  • Safety: a confidant with whom you can share personal frustrations, fears, uncertainties, or even doubts without worrying about an adverse impact on your career or working relationships.
  • A sounding board: an enagaged, supportive listener who poses insightful questions as you talk through tough leadership decisions, new ideas for your business, or life choices outside of your executive or professional career.
  • Perspective: a knowledgeable advisor who understands executive leadership and offers an outside point of view on your business and the dynamics within it.
  • Counsel: an advisor who helps you sort through difficult issues related to ethics, employee relations, the direction of your career, or life outside your business.
  • Coaching: a skilled communicator who shows you how to sharpen the tools most critical for your success.
  • A Guide: a probing questioner who helps you keep your values aligned, your priorities in order, and your inner life in balance.

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Two Unique Training Programs

In addition to one-on-one executive mentoring, we now offer on-site training to give you a blueprint for developing your own in-house mentoring program. The following course descriptions include an outline of the topics covered.