Our Team — The LeaderPerfect® Network

Our team of veteran leadership development specialists are tops in the field

We offer clients a distinguished panel of executive coaches, business consultants, facilitators, and leadership trainers, providing big-firm expertise without big-firm fees. Here's how we do it.

We function as a virtual corporation, with only a small permanent staff led by Dr. Mike Armour and complemented by a team of Associates who form the LeaderPerfect® Network. These Associates are veteran business and leadership specialists from the U.S. and abroad.

From the LeaderPerfect® Network we put together customized teams of highly-experienced specialists to meet your unique leadership and business development needs. Because several Associates own their own consulting or coaching firms, we can tap into the added resources of these firms to serve you even better.

This business model combines high-caliber professionalism with significant cost-efficiency. We can therefore offer competitive fees without compromising on quality of service or depth of expertise.

►  Mike Armour

Dr. Mike Armour, founder of Strategic Leadership Development International

The founder and managing principal of Strategic Leadership Development International, Dr. Mike Armour brings decades of leadership development experience to his management of the company.

Mike has been a leader his entire life and has held top posts in higher education, the Navy, non-profit institutions, and business. He provides one-on-one coaching, keynote speeches, leadership training, strategic planning, facilitation services, and general business consulting.

A fuller biography of Mike is available elsewhere on this site.