Our Team — The LeaderPerfect® Network

Our team of veteran leadership development specialists are tops in the field

We offer clients a distinguished panel of executive coaches, business consultants, facilitators, and leadership trainers, giving you big-firm expertise without big-firm fees. Here's how we do it.

We function as a virtual corporation, with only a small permanent staff led by Dr. Mike Armour and complemented by a team of Associates who form the LeaderPerfect® Network. These Associates are veteran business and leadership specialists who are former C-Suite executives themselves.

From this LeaderPerfect® Network, we put together customized teams of highly-experienced specialists to meet your unique leadership and business development needs.

In addition to being part of the LeaderPerfect® Network, these Associates each maintain their own individual coaching or consulting firms. This allows SLDI to tap into the added resources of their firms to serve you even better.

This business model combines high-caliber professionalism with significant cost-efficiency. We can therefore offer competitive fees without compromising on quality of service or depth of expertise.

►  Mike Armour

Dr. Mike Armour, founder of Strategic Leadership Development International

The founder and president of Strategic Leadership Development International, Dr. Mike brings decades of leadership development experience to coordination of the company.

He has been a leader his entire life and has held top posts in business, the Navy, higher education, and international non-profits.

Since founding SLDI, Dr. Mike as personally coached 800 executives, managers, and entrepreneurs spanning more than 80 industries. He has also trained thousands more on four continents.

Specialties: leadership coaching and mentoring, executive development, general business consulting, management and leadership training, keynotes, strategic planning, facilitation services, and non-profits.


A fuller biography of Mike is available elsewhere on this site.

►  Richard Baggett

Richard Baggett, specialist in organizational design, strategy, non-profits, and fund-raising

Broadly experienced in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors, Richard Baggett is particularly astute as a consultant and advisor in marketing, fund-raising, and strategy development, as well as organizational design, alignment, and transformation. He is also a credentialed facilitator for strategic planning.

After an early career in the financial services industry, he spent several years in the classroom and school administration before turning to a 25-year career as a capital campaign specialist for large non-profits. Both as an executive and later as a consultant, Richard has led several organizations — three of them multinationals — through multi-million dollar fund-raising campaigns.

As a private consultant, he also guides business firms through organizational change, restructure, and realignment. He enjoys teaching and is an exceptional trainer. And with decades of experience working in transnational settings, he is skilled at helping leadership teams enhance their ability to work in multi-cultural or cross-cultural settings.

Specialties: business consulting on strategy and organizational design, management training, facilitation, nonprofit management and fund-raising.executive coaching and mentoring, business consulting, training, keynoting, leadership development.


►  Tom Connally

Tom Connally, executive coach and retired Marine colonel

A retired Marine colonel, Tom Connally is an experienced leader, coach, strategist, and change agent with proven performance leading and fixing organizations by creating a "Culture of Performance."

In over 30 years of Marine leadership, he led organizations from 50 to 3500 personnel, with budgets up to $2.8 billion. He served as a director for two defense industry companies before founding Connally Consulting.

As an executive coach and consultant, Tom helps leaders enhance their performance and success everywhere in their life — professionally, personally, spiritually, and physically.

Specialties: executive coaching and mentoring, business consulting, training, keynoting, leadership development.

Website: www.connallyconsulting.com


►  Brandon Denmon

Jim Wanserski, business consultant and advisor and turnaround specialist

With over 25 years of experience in operational roles, Brandon excels at driving success through team-building, organizational design, inventory and production management, and sales and operations planning (SNOP). His expertise includes multisite manufacturing, turnarounds, and merger and acquistion integration.

He earned his stripes in the C-Suite as an executive vice-president of operations for manufacturing and distribution across both the U.S. and Canada.

Brandon followed his corporate career by beginning Peak Executive Solutions. He approaches executive development with a passion for developing talent, fostering collaboration, and aligning organizations abound best practices.

Specialties: executive coaching and mentoring, business consulting, training, keynoting, facilitation, non-profits.

Website: https://www.peakexecutivesolutions.com


►  Robert (Bob) Pene

Bob Pene, business consultant and fractional CXO

Robert (Bob) Pene is a proven change agent, business strategist, problem solver, and executer. A seasoned CEO/COO/CMO and entrepreneur, he has is noted for his track record of business building, turnarounds, and profit/equity enhancement.

Bob holds an MBA and has been a consultant to over 100 companies, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises. He has also served as a fractional CEO, COO, and CMO.

Specialties: business consulting, executive mentoring, fractional CXO services.


►  Jo Umberger

Jim Wanserski, business consultant and advisor and turnaround specialist

For over 30 years, Jo Umberger has helped clients improve in critical areas of business through strategizing, training, and coaching primarily in leadership, leader and employee engagement, the People Side of Lean, productivity, planning, communications, and teamwork. She is Founder and President of Umberger Development Partners, Inc.

Her clientele represents the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to Main Street businesses across the United States and their counterparts in Europe and Mexico. She has served a variety of industries, including manufacturing, finance, legal, healthcare, broadcasting, and non-profit organizations.

She has provided coaching and training for leaders in organizations of all sizes, from global leaders of functional teams in manufacturing to independent bank presidents and boutique law firms. For decades, Jo also has provided professional services marketing for financial planners, corporate training businesses, attorneys, and non-profits.

In addition to managing her firm, for the past seven years she has served as Vice President of New Life Behavior International, where she promotes a faith-based transformational program used widely in the U.S. and many countries overseas.

Specialties: management and team training, business consulting, keynoting, non-profits.

Website: https://www.trainspeakcoach.com


►  Jim Wanserski

Jim Wanserski, business consultant and advisor and turnaround specialist

As a former CEO, COO, and CFO, Jim Wanserski is a recognied senior leader in management, consulting, governance, operations, and turnarounds.

He has achieved superlative operating results for mid-market private companes and for large public companies in far-flung industries, from high-tech/wireless to financial services to healthcare to manufacturing to not-for-profits.

For years, he compiled an exceptional record as a "Big 5" consultant. In addition, he wss served as CEO and trustee for huge court-ordered mergers in the telecom industry.

Jim is an established speaker, blogger, and content-creator on leadership, business ethics, best practices in managing risk, governance, and fraud prevention and detection.

Specialties: executive coaching, business consulting and advising, fractional CXO services, keynoting, board and executive mentoring.

Website: https://www.wanserskiandassociates.com


►  David Weaver

Bob Pene, business consultant and fractional CXO

David helps business leaders eliminate chronic stress, create fulfillment and perform at their highest level. The main objective of his work with clients is to guide them into the greatest life they can imagine. He teaches them how to rewire their brain not only to perform at their highest level, but also to enjoy the journey. With over 15 years of experience working with individuals, groups and companies he knows what works.

David has spent his entire professional life seeking out the best to learn from so that he can bring tremendous value to you. He was mentored directly by Dr. Mike Smith - CEO of John Mattone Global (John Mattone was Steve Jobs' coach).

Specialties: high-performance coaching, executive coaching, mindset coaching, training, workshops.

Website: https://www.unbrokenpursuit.com