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For the general public, the DiSC personality profile is perhaps the best-known of the major personality assessments in popular use today. Simple to administer and extensive in its feedback, the DiSC is particularly helpful in personal development and team-building.

Our LeaderPerfect® coaching, mentoring, and training can include DiSC feedback and perspectives at your request. Or we can provide a one-time coaching session to delve into the results of your test.

Here are answers to questions which you may have about the DiSC and how to take it through SLDI..

Questions and Answers About the DiSC Personality Assessment

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►    What is the DiSC Personality Profile?

The DiSC provides a snapshot of how you approach interaction with people. It details four defining characteristics of this approach: Dominance, Influece, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The first letter of these four aspects of personality give us the name DiSC.

In the U.S., DiSC assessments are commonplace in business and self-development programs. The theory behind the DiSC traces back to a book by William Marston in 1928, who looked at personality through the prism of these four traits. But he gave them color codes instead of than their current names.

In the 1950s and 1960s various people launched efforts to create an assessment which accurately measured the distribution of these traits in a given individual. This endeavor eventually led to the Personal Profile System in the 1970s, the forerunner of many copycat instruments today which are marketed as DiSC profiles.

►    How Are DiSC Results Presented?

One of the things which people find most helpful about the DiSC is the simple, yet informative way in which it reports its findings. Your preferences are graphically displayed in a variety of formats

In addition, for each of the four DiSC traits, you are shown (again graphically) the seven aspects of a given trait which are most characteristic of you. These graphic presentaions are then supplemented by two-dozen pages of commentary on how your DiSC profile impacts your day-to-day activities and decision-making, with suggestions for specific ways in which to improve.

►    How does the DiSC compare with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?

DiSC and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator measure two entirely different aspects of personality. The goal of the MBTI is to outline the inner dynamics of a person's behavior. DiSC by contrast focuses on characteristic behaviors of the individual. The two profiles can thus be seen as complements of one another.

Both the DiSC and MBTI measure personal tendencies. They are not predictors of how a person will behave in a particular situation. That's because personality and behavior both shift from context to context, and neither profile gathers its data based on context.

►    How can the DiSC contribute to team-building?

To be successful, teams need to be take advantage of the strengths of each team member. Many teams function best when they have a reasonable distribution of all four DiSC personalities. Others may perform best if they are weighted toward a certain subset of the four. It all depends on the team's mission.

By taking the DiSC as a group, team members obtain a clearer understanding of one another and can make better decisions about how to capitalize on each team-member's capabilities. Moreover, the DiSC is easy for any team to use, since it provides its findings in non-technical language and without resorting to psychological mumbo-jumbo.

►   How do I take the DiSC through SLDI?

Based on client preferences, we provide the DiSC at a steeply-discounted fee (little more than our cost) as part of all coaching, mentoring, training, and team-building engagements.

For team coaching and team-building, we can supplement feedback to individuals by providing an extensive report on the team's culture. This report reveals what your team encourages and what it discourages within its ranks.

We also offer an economically priced option for people who want to take the DiSC merely for self-improvement. With this option we provide extended feedback, including a 90-minute coaching session with an DiSC specialist. If you want more information or pricing on this option, email us

Feedback sessions can be delivered virtually or in person.

If we can address other questions for you, feel free to email us.

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