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Our company name, Strategic Leadership Development International, speaks to the priority which we place on strategic thinking.

For over 20 years, we have tailored our services for men and women charged with strategic decisions and for those preparing to assume strategic roles in the future.

We are exceptionally prepared, therefore, to facilitate and guide strategic planning exercises in organizations of every size. Here are some examples of clients who have engaged us to guide their strategic planning effort:

  • a major children's hospital laying plans to open neighborhood clinics throughout the region
  • an international humanitarian organization forced to revamp its scope of services in the wake of wholesale political changes in its primary sphere of operation
  • a mortgage banking firm positioning itself to be an attractive acquisition for a regional bank
  • a school of nursing at a large university developing a five-year plan for new and enhanced academic offerings
  • a mid-size manufacturing firm restructuring its operations in the face of industry contraction

  • a family-owned business needing to retool its business plan after the COVID crisis forced its primary client to close
  • a youth camp developing long-term, far-reaching plans to utilize a large adjacent block of land which had been donated to them
  • a state university wanting to modernize research capabilities at five campus libraries
  • a startup launching a revolutionary product in the sports entertainment industry
  • a highly-effective non-profit expanding its service footprint after transitioning to a new executive team

Dr. Mike Armour, SLDI's founder and managing principal, personally coordinates all SLDI strategic planning services. He has formal certification as a strategic planning facilitator and did post-graduate work in strategic planning at the U.S. Naval War College.

LeaderPerfect® Strategic Planning Services

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Clients may choose from a broad array of LeaderPerfect® resources which advance the strategic planning process. This includes, but is not limited to engaging Dr. Mike to

  • serve as a strategic planning consultant to the organization
  • conduct focus group sessions related to the planning effort
  • design and administer surveys to gather input
  • facilitate strategic planning sessions
  • train key players on how to manage a strategic planning process
  • coach or mentor those charged with overseeing the process
  • assess organizational readiness for the changes necessitated by the plan
  • review critical documents used to communicate the final plan