Business and Organizational Consulting

Building on Best Practices

Business team meeting with a consultant.

We help businesses and organizatiions resolve thorny issues which hold them back. Because we never lose sight of the client's strategic priorities, LeaderPerfect® consulting provides high-value returns.

For a business these returns may be measured in profitability, improved efficiency, worker engagement, market share, customer satisfaction — any number of things. Non-profits may measure the returns by such things as fund-raising success, expanded program delivery, volunteer participation, corporate sponsorships, or community relations.

You define the outcome you want. We do everything in our power to help you attain it.

SLDI specializes in:

Business team review with consultant

People Helped By Our Consulting

Here are some clients who have recently benefited from our organizational consulting.

  • a family-owned business bringing a revolutionary new product to market
  • an IT service company acquiring several competitors
  • a manufacturing company repositioning itself after its primary customer base collapsed financially
  • a family business passing the leadership baton to the next generation
  • a civil engineering firm company moving into new geographical markets

Typical Consulting Engagements

The length of our consulting engagements depends entirely on what the client wants to achieve. Our consulting relationship with some clients has continued for years. With others, clients secured their desired outcome in only a matter of weeks.

As with all of its services, SLDI customizes consulting programs to the precise needs of the client. Each client faces unique needs, is at a unique moment of development, and operates in a unique business or organizational environment. We go out of our way to take all of these factors into account when putting together our service design.

For businesses and organizations of every size, our leadership development consulting services provide the insight and tools for businesses and non-profit organizations to design and implement exceptional leadership development programs. One of our most popular services is to help businesses develop mentors and coaches from within their own organization.

Affordable Consulting Fees

Whatever your organizational needs, our goal is to provide consulting which gives you big firm quality at a small firm price. Because many of our clients operate on thin margins, we strive for affordability and manageable payment plans.

We enlarge this affordability by minimizing our travel expenses and providing resources and materials at our cost.

If your organization is cash-strapped, tell us what your budget will allow and let us develop a plan which accommodates your limitations.

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