Consulting and Facilitation

Strategic Leadership Development International . . .

Consultant shaking hands with client

. . . blends consulting, coaching, and facilitating services seamlessly. Because of our focus on strategic priorities for our clients, our consulting, coaching, and facilitation services provide high-value returns.

For businesses and organizations of every size, our leadership development consulting services provide the insight and tools for businesses and non-profit organizations to design and implement exceptional leadership development programs. One of our most popular services is to help businesses develop mentors and coaches from within their own organization.

For starup businesses our business consulting programs are complemented by the myriad of resources we provide at our affiliated site Startups After 50, tailored to the needs of older entrepreneurs.

As with all of our services, we customize our coaching, team-building, and facilitating engagements to the precise needs of our client. Each client has unique needs and operates in a unique business or organizational context. We go out of our way to conform our services to these realities.

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