Leadership Team Building

Creating a High-Performance Team

A leadership team engaged in a team-building activity.

Is your leadership team achieving its full potential?

Leadership team joining hands in a display of team-building unity

Our LeaderPerfect® Resources and Solutions provide tools to help leadership teams gel quickly, stay focused on key objectives, and maintain momentum, all the while transcending differences in personality, skills, work habits, and decision-making styles.

Conducted by Dr. Mike Armour, LeaderPerfect® team-building programs produce teams noted for their trust, open communication, mutual respect, shared accountability, and clear goals and procedures.

To attain these goals Dr. Mike customizes every team-building engagement to the specific needs of the client.

Dependent on the client's desired outcomes, the engagement may include

 · team training on specific skills

 · facilitated goal-setting

 · negotiating rules of engagement within the team

 · group coaching

 · or individual mentoring of team members

We provide team-building support for . . .

. . . professional partnerships, senior executive leadership teams, volunteer groups, new startups, non-profit boards, functional units within a company, management teams, and task forces. This support often takes the form of team coaching. But it may involve a broad range of team-building services, including our Team Integration Program described below.

Dr. Mike excels at facilitating teams as they form. He helps them clarify goals, set standards and guidelines for how the team will work together, and establish healthy communication patterns from the outset.

We specialize in building team trust . . .

. . . . as a foundation for exceptional team performance. The principles we promote are laid out in Dr. Mike's book Leadership and the Power of Trust: Creating a High-Trust, Peak-Performance Organization

These same principles are foundational concepts in our training course on Team-Building Management Skills. Between this book, our training courses, our facilitation services, and our coaching and consulting process, we can provide you an integrated set of tools for team-building.

The LeaderPerfect® Team Integration Program . . .

. . . is an invaluable resource for new teams or teams with a new manager. The program involves a day of training aimed at helping the entire team understand how each team member balances four drives:

  • the drive to get things done
  • the drive to build connections with people and the world around us
  • the drive to grasp things at a deep level
  • the drive to develop mastery and know-how

Armed with this insight, the team can then work together more productively by drawing on each person's strongest drives, values, and motivation. To learn more about this innovative training, check out our course entitled Team Building: Integrating Teams Using Personal Core Values.

For those wanting to include experiential team-building . . .

. . . we draw on our affiliation with Group Dynamix of Carrolton, Texas. Hosting over 800 team-building events each year, Group Dynamix is one of the nation's premier providers of recreation-based team-building experiences.

Their expansive indoor facility allows them to provide scores of team-building games and activities in any season of the year. Because of its multi-functional design, their facility can accommodate clients who want to combine experiential learning with more formal training in a single location, whether as as a one-day or multi-day event.

Leader standing surrounded by circles of leadership teams