Team Building Management Skills:
Creating High-Trust, Peak-Performance Teams

Training Overview and Course Description

Team-building around trustAny championship athletic team will tell you that sustained peak performance is only possible in setting where there is deep trust within the team — trust in one another and trust in their coaches.

The same holds true in the business and corporate world. Top-performing organizations are invariably run by managers who are effective team-builders and who know how to infuse high levels of trust within their teams. Or to put it another way, can you imagine a high-performing organization where wholesale distrust prevails?

Winning organizations have learned to staff for capacity, organize for throughput, innovate for efficiency, and train for reliability, all within a robust atmosphere of trust..

This class on team-building takes managers through the process of positioning their teams for consistent superior performance. Included in the training are practical planning exercises for team-building and informative team evaluations.

The content and materials for this training is drawn from our proprietary LeaderTrack® Professional Development Series for Managers and Leaders.


We gladly tailor our management training to the specific needs of your organization. Customization is included in the standard fee.

Training Location:

Delivered worldwide as an in-house, off-site, or conference program. Presentations offered in English only.


Based your needs and scheduling requirements, we can deliver this training in a one-day program or in two half-day programs. In North America the half-days are not required to be consecutive.


PowerPoint presentations, group discussion, case studies, video clips, small-group breakouts, application exercises

Standard Fee:

Our standard fee is all-inclusive. It covers pre-event coordination, customization, post-event evaluations, class notebooks, handouts, and other participant materials, as well as any incidentals. (A slight additional fee may be incurred for more than 15 participant notebooks.) No travel fee for trainings in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In North America: $2750
Outside North America: $3250

We provide discounted fees for

  • non-profits and NGOs
  • trainings for multiple groups within a single organization, even at different locations
  • combining several LeaderTrack® training courses into a multi-day or multi-location leadership education program

We also have special pricing for convention breakout presentations.

Additional Training Options:

Sample Outline

Here are topics commonly covered in this training. The final outline is always developed in collaboration with the client and may include topics not listed below.

Exactly what does peak perfomance mean?

Why peak performance is a strategic priority in today's marketplace

Evaluating your own organization's readiness for peak performance

The blueprint for high performance

  • Staff for capacity
  • Organize for throughput
  • Innovate for efficiency
  • Train for reliability
  • Put trust-building at the heart of everything

Three absolute requirements for peak peformance

  • Proper leadership and management
  • Proper operational and organizational alignment
  • Proper standards for evaluating performance

Linking these elements together to create virtuous circles

Management styles which promote high-performance teams

Ten elements of an organization aligned for performance

Team-building around a results-oriented culture

Five things team-members must sense for trust to flourish

The neuro-psychology of trust within a team

Fourteen contributors to team trust in their manager