Resources for Graves Systems Analysis

As human culture and institutions become more complex . . .

. . . leaders must sort through that complexity, make sense of it, and respond to it appropriately.

In meeting this challenge, few tools are more helpful than Graves Systems Analysis. This field of analysis draws on a model of cultural dynamics developed by Dr. Clare Graves over a lifetime of research.

Water forming an intricate web pattern, just as do the interactive systems in Clare Graves Systems theoryThe Graves model centers on eight systems of thought and values which interact with one another in today's world. (They are often called Graves value systems.) We've provided answers to frequently asked questions about Clare Graves and Graves systems elsewhere on this web site, along with information on our trainings available on this subject.

LeaderPerfect® Resources include valuable tools, developed by Dr. Mike Armour, for understanding and applying Gravesian concepts. A particulatly valuable resource is his book Systems-Sensitive Leadership, co-authored with Don Browning, one of the first full-length books devoted to the Graves model.

Systems-Sensitive Leadership

Cover of Systems-Sensitive Leadership, one of the first books to explore Clare Graves Systems TheoryNow in an expanded second-edition, Systems-Sensitive Leadership sells widely in business and corporate circles. While originally written for church leaders and church-related organizations, only one of the book's three sections deals specifically with churches. The balance is equally applicable to any organizational setting.

Section One provides an extensive overview of the Graves model. Then Section Three concludes the book with an advanced introduction to the model for those who want to delve into it more deeply.

Systems-Sensitive Leadership may be ordered on-line from LifeThemes Press at a reduced price. (This same link allows you to review sample chapters.) Volume discounts are available. For volume pricing, contact SLDI by email.