Articles on Leadership, Coaching, and Self-Development

The articles listed below are related to the themes of this website and were either written by Dr. Mike Armour or address his work and the work of Strategic Leadership Development International.

Mike's Work with Microsoft on Trust 2.0

Almost immediately after he published Leadership and the Power of Trust, Mike Armour was asked to become an advisor to a grassroots trust-building effort at Microsoft. The program, originally known as 42Projects, was later named Trust 2.0 and approaches trust-building as a strategic priority. The effort has captured the attention of several journals in the field of leadership and organizational development. This article provides a description of Trust 2.0, along with links to journal articles that have been devoted to it.


Rebuilding Battered Corporate Trust

Originally published as a guest editorial in the online edition of HR Management Magazine, this article by Mike Armour identifies strategies for leaders and managers to use in rebuilding trust within their organization.


An Interview on Executive and Business Coaching with Mike Armour

Corey Quinn conducted this interview with Mike and posted it on his site The interview examines the nature of executive and business coaching and the unique aspects of the coaching approach at Strategic Leadership Development International.


NLP and the Brain: Why NLP Is Such a Powerful Change Technology

As a certified trainer in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mike Armour frequently draws on the exceptional insights of NLP in helping his clients effect change. These techniques largely aim at helping the unconscious mind align more supportively of desired outcomes. In this article Mike explains the dynamic of shaping unconscious mind processes.