Nine Reasons To Choose
Strategic Leadership Development International

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Executive coach shaking hands with leader

►  Focused Attention on Your Needs

Because of size, we can give you and your company greater undivided attention than might be true with a large consulting house or major coaching firm with scores of clients to satisfy. We are also readily available by phone or internet between sessions or presentations. When you engage SLDI, we commit to returning your phone messages quickly, typically within one or two hours, and always by the end of the business day.

►  Comprehensive Services

While we are best known for our executive coaching and mentoring services, we also provide a full array of support to businesses, non-profits, and professional partnerships. Many of our contracts combine coaching with consulting, training, facilitation, or keynote speeches.

We welcome these types of multi-faceted engagements for a very practical reason. When we are working with an organization in a variety of capacities, we learn much more about its inner workings. This in turn gives us added insight to guide our coaching and mentoring of key executives.

Because we can offer such "one-stop" service, we are an ideal partner for smaller companies who need to meet a variety of needs within a limited budget.

►  Guaranteed Quality

Each engagement begins with a careful delineation of your desired outcomes. Once these outcomes are defined, we deliver our services with those outcomes always in mind. We guarantee your satisfaction with both the delivery and quality of our services. Your contract with us offers a refund of your investment if our services prove unsatisfactory.

►  Attention to ROI

Because we are a small company ourselves, we fully understand the importance of careful cashflow management and measured returns on investment. We therefore coach on a flat-fee basis, so that you know from the outset what your investment will be for our services.

We then spell out very specific outcomes for the service we provide — whether coaching, mentoring, consulting, or training. This lets you see in advance, before you commit, the benefit which comes from your investment.

►  Cost Effectiveness

Compared to the fees of major consulting and coaching firms, SLDI offers very cost effective rates. We do this by avoiding the proverbial "middle man" costs.

When large consulting firms contract for coaching or mentoring engagements, they pass only a fraction of the fee to the coach who actually delivers the service. The firm itself takes as much as 60% of the fee — sometimes more — as compensation for marketing and management.

Thus, to offer their coaches a sufficient stipend to attract highly-qualified specialists, the firms must charge significant fees.

SLDI provides the same high-calibre coaching and training which major consulting firms provide. But our small, flexible framework allows us to keep fees at a reasonable level.

►  Resources for Strategic Alignment

While we provide coaching in all aspects of leadership development, our forte is helping executives and managers increase their effectiveness within the strategic arena — creating strategy, communicating it, and executing it. Thus the name of our company: Strategic Leadership Development International.

Whether we are coaching individuals or teams, our goal is to promote stronger strategic alignment within the organization. When companies are carefully aligned around their strategic goals, the results inevitably add to the bottom line.

►  Experienced with America's Largest Companies

We have provided coaching, mentoring, consultating, training, and facilitation for companies like Pepsico-FritoLay, Textron/Bell Helicopter, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Honda Motorcars, Ingersoll-Rand/Trane, UBS Wealth Management, Raytheon, Nortel, TXU, and McAfee Software, among others. We have coached clients at all levels of middle and upper management in large corporations, from department heads and directors of business units to general managers and C-level executives.

►  A Great Fit for Small Companies

While our recent clients include some of the nation's largest companies, it also includes small professional firms, family-owned businesses, and young startups. Our comprehensive array of services and competitive prices make SLDI an attractive choice for smaller companies who cannot afford the fees of large consulting and coaching firms. We are able to bring these smaller companies the insight and knowledge we have gained from working with corporate giants.