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Tap Your Full Potential

A young executive in a coaching session with his executive coach.

To succeed today, managers and executive leaders need every possible advantage. Executive coaching gives you that advantage.

Executive coaching pursues a singular objective: helping you enlarge your capability so that you excel in your most critical roles.

Executive coaches are not bashful about pressing you to set stretch goals. And they never hesitate to hold you accountable for reaching the goals which you've set.

Coaching by Dr. Mike Armour

How Will You Benefit from Executive Coaching?

By working with a highly-experienced coach like SLDI's Dr. Mike Armour, you position yourself to

  • discover new-found satisfaction and fulfillment in your career
  • improve your greatest leadership strengths and contributions
  • minimize your "blind spots" and vulnerabilities
  • develop specific game plans for achieving stellar performance
  • enhance your impact as a communicator and motivator
  • align your organization strategically
  • build deeper trust within your leadership circle
  • strengthen the people skills essential to your executive leadership
  • build a powerful team around you

Bring Out the Best Version of You

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►   Accomplish your most cherished goals . . .

. . . whether they are short-term, long-term, corporate, or personal. Executive coaching is ideal for people who are outcome-oriented and ready to accept full responsibility for making the changes and sacrifices necessary to attain their desired outcomes.

Such people make the most of executive coaching, because coaching is a change process. As your ally, confidant, and facilitator in that process, your executive coach serves as your accountability partner at every step of the way.

To this end, executive coaching first helps you clarify your desired outcomes, refine your goals, and lay out a plan to achieve them. Then, by holding you to this plan, your executive coach positions you to reach your goals one and all.

►   Reach your full potential . . .

. . . by working with a coach who lets you settle for nothing less than your very best. An executive coach is dedicated to your growth. And genuine personal growth occurs only when you venture beyond your comfort zone.

Therefore, don't be surprised when executive coaching takes you into unfamlliar waters. To navigate them, you will need to hone your current skills, develop new capabilities, and tap into abilities which are presently underutilized.

Through it all, your coach will remain steadily at your side, offering encouragement, insight, and assurance. The right coach for you has an unswerving goal: to help you become everything that you can be.

►   Optimize your opportunities for success . . .

. . . by enlarging your personal and professional impact. Executive coaching empowers you to amplify your influence. And it equips you for that next big career step, whatever it might be.

With the assistance of an executive coach, you can take your organizational and interpersonal skills to new heights. And your coach can then guide you as you harness this enhanced skillset to your highest ambitions.

Partner with a Veteran Coach

Maximize the benefit of your executive coaching experience by teaming with SLDI founder Dr. Mike Armour. His high-value executive coaching capitalizes on decades of experience as both a leader himself and a leadership development specialist.

Executive Coaching Session between Mike Armour and a client

Men and women who draw on Dr. Mike's coaching expertise give him the highest possible endorsements. (Check out their reviews and learn more about what makes him a great choice as your coach).

Discover for yourself why visionary companies and professional partnerships have turned to Dr. Mike for 20 years to develop their key players — especially those in positions of strategic leadership and those who show great promise for the future.

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