Executive Coaching
Leverage Your Full Potential

Executive Coaching Session between Mike Armour and a client

Why executive coaching? Because executive leadership is tough, demanding work. It calls for exceptional skill and insight. To succeed, today's leaders and executives need every possible advantage. Executive coaching gives them that advantage.

Executives who work with us benefit from high-impact coaching based on our 30 years of leadership development experience.

Tap All The Power Available To You By Teaming With An Executive Coach

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►   Executive coaching amplifies your impact . . .

. . . and optimizes your opportunities for success. Visionary companies and professional partnerships now treat executive coaching as absolutely essential for key players — especially those in positions of strategic leadership and those who show great promise for the future.

►   Executive coaching adds synergy . . .

. . . and enlarges your options in a setting of confidentiality and collegial respect. Executive coaching helps you "rise to the occasion," whether to pursue cherished dreams, to meet demanding challenges, to perfect critical skills, or to synchronize your life with your deepest values and passions.

►   Executive coaching provides pivotal benefits to . . .

entrepreneurs, professionals, aspiring leaders, executives, managers, and supervisors. In short, leaders at all stages of their careers.

Executive coaching is ideal for people who are outcome-oriented and ready to accept full responsibility for effecting the outcomes they desire. Coaching is a change process. It is only for men and women who are prepared to embrace change that will optimize their life and career.

Profit from Our LeaderPerfect® Approach to Executive Coaching

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►   We foster strategic alignment . . .

Since executive leadership always entails strategy — either developing it, implementing it, or executing it — our executive coaching and executive mentoring pays special attention to your personal strategic priorities and skills.

We call this approach "strategic leadership development," and it revolves around four critical questions

  • How clearly can you state your organization's strategy?
  • How clearly can you state your specific role in carrying out that strategy?
  • What skills are required in order to be effective in your strategic role?
  • Which skills need further development in order to fulfill your role completely?

►  We maximize your ROI in executive development . . .

Executive coaching, like any business endeavor, must provide a satisfactory return on investment. While our rates are competitive, you still make a considerable commitment of time, energy, and finances when you work with a coach.

By coaching to strategic alignment (see the preceding section), we increase the likelihood of a solid ROI. After all, better execution of strategy almost invariably improves the bottom line.

►  We utilize a holistic model . . .

We follow a holistic six-phase executive coaching "A.C.T.I.O.N." plan that leads to lasting results. We examine critical questions against the broader framework of your total pattern of life commitments, your core values, and what gives you a sense of fulfillment.

This is no "cookie-cutter" approach, however. We carefully customize our executive coaching engagements to your specific needs.

In Addition to Executive Coaching . . .

. . . SLDI offers a full range of services related to coaching. For additional information on how our LeaderPerfect® Solutions can serve your executive coaching or executive mentoring needs, visit these links:

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