Choosing Your Coach Wisely

Today's executive coaches and executive mentors . . .

. . . have entered the field from a variety of backgrounds.

Some come from management and leadership careers. Others from extensive work in consulting. Still others from therapeutic specialties that have honed their listening skills. And many from years of interdisciplinary reading and research that have made them superb generalists.

Photo of Dr. Mike Armour, executive coach

Dr. Mike Armour combines all of these backgrounds, and many more. His coaching blends expertise and hands-on experience in highly diverse fields.

The result is a rich cross-fertilization of concepts, insights, and counsel. When you team with him, you are partnering with an executive coach who is truly multi-dimensional in his wisdom and methodology.

Moreover, Mike is personable and unpretentious, with a relaxed, gentle manner that immediately puts you at ease. Yet, behind his easy-going style is a strength of character and a depth of integrity that quickly engender trust.

When his competency and professionalism are added to a casual, trusting atmosphere, the setting is perfect for a powerful coaching relationship.

As an executive coach, Mike borrows from several powerful disciplines to help you achieve desired results, both personally and in the circles you influence.

  • He is thoroughly credentialed in business and personal applications of neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP), one of the world's most effective communication and life-change tools.
  • And he is one of the few coaches/consultants in the U.S. with advanced specialization in Graves systems analysis, a truly penetrating model for understanding personal and corporate values, organizational culture, and the deeper dimensions of conflict within groups.

When you're ready to . . .

  • enhance your personal impact
  • build more effective teams
  • develop emerging leaders
  • take your organization to a higher level

. . . Dr. Mike Armour is your executive coach of choice.