Maximize Employee Engagement and Productivity

with the
Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI)

The Organizational Effectiveness inventory is appropriate for measuring employee engagement in any organiztion.

The Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI) provides a comprehensive assessment of the factors affecting performance within your organization. It is equally useful for both profit and non-profit organizations of any size.

The OEI differs markedly from other engagement surveys, especially those which focus primarily on job satisfaction. The Organizational Effectiveness Inventory also evaluates how structures, systems, technologies, and skills are impacting long-term effectiveness and performance.

Design of the OEI

The basic survey instrument for the Organizational Effectiveness Inventory contains 128 questions. They collect respondents' views on their job, department, or workgroup, their immediate managers or supervisors, and the overall organization.

Most respondents complete the basic questionnaire in about 20 minutes. However, you can customize the OEI and expand it by adding up to 40 organization-specific items or questions.

OEI Feedback and Findings

The OEI feedback report presents the scores from your Inventory against the historical averages of more than 700 organizations. The OEI feedback also sets benchmarks for your organization based on the study of 120 healthy corporate cultures.

Because the feedback incorporates extensive charts, graphs, and elucidating commentary, the results are easily understood by workers at any level. The feedback report can thus be instrumental in guided discussions of change initiatives.

Integration with the Organizational Culture Inventory

The Organizational Effectiveness Inventory works seamlessly with the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) to give you a robust picture of the factors which are impacting corporate performance. For major change initiatives, SLDI encourages clients to utilize both the OEI and the OCI in order to identify where they will find the greatest levers for change.

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