Organizational Change Management and Transformation

Wherever you are in management, whatever your role, three realities are all but certain.

  • First, you are coping constantly with change.
  • Second, change is occurring at an unprecedented and an accelerating pace.
  • And third, the scope of change will often test your resolve, your resources, and your resilience as a leader.

What's more, in responding to change, you must frequently implement change initiatives of your own. When that moment comes, Dr. Mike Armour can prove to be an invaluable ally.

Before founding Strategic Leadership Development International, Dr. Mike spent a career instituting major turn-around initiatives. Change was his daily fare.

Now he brings this expertise to any manager or executive team charged with undertaking a program of change. His provides them an effective array of tools which include:

  • facilitated team sessions to map the course of change
  • instruments for assessing readiness for change within the organization
  • time-proven strategies for effecting change
  • executive training in creating a change-friendly culture
  • specialized skill-development in how best to communicate the need for change and the change process
  • team-building programs to strengthen the change management capability of organizational leadership

Transformational Change

When your change initiative is so sweeping that it can only be called "transformational," Dr. Mike is especially equipped to help you guide the process.

  • His proprietary approach to redefining vision, mission, values, and strategies helps you reframe your organization's sense of identity and purpose.
  • His own impressive track-record at effecting transformational change lets you capitalize on a treasure-trove of first-hand experience and know-how.
  • His proficiency with the Organizational Cultural Inventory equips you to identify specific arenas in which cultural change is most urgent.
  • Similarly, his use of the Organizational Effectiveness Inventory provides a comprehensive picture of where you have opportunities to foster stronger loyalty and dedication from workers in your organization.

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