Leadership Coaching

Delivered Virtually or In Person

To develop leaders who make a lasting difference, leadership coaching is today's methodology of choice. It serves as a vital complement to leadership training.

By its very nature, leadership training must be somewhat generalized to reach the participants' range of needs. By contrast, leadership coaching is highly tailored to the needs and personality of one specific person.

As a rule, therefore, leadership coaching has far greater leverage on individual performance than leadership training alone. And when the two are combined, the most optimal leadership development occurs.

Leadership coaching can benefit every member of your leadership circle

Who provides our coaching?

LeaderPerfect® coaching services from Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI) are delivered by Dr. Mike Armour, the founder of SLDI.

A lifelong leader himself, Dr. Mike brings decades of experience to his role as a coach. His coaching is not based on academic theory, but on wisdom gleaned from an extensive career in high-demand leadership roles.

True to our company name, Dr. Mike specializes in coaching men and women who are currently in strategic decision-making positions, or soon will be. He helps them clarify their strategic role and sharpen their overall capabilities.

Who are our coaching clients?

Dr. Mike's clients typically come from two groups. First are those from the upper tier of their business or company. Others are high-potential managers whom senior leadership wants to prepare for high-visibility positions.

He also provides leadership coaching with teams, helping them function as a unit with greater consistency and leadership clout.

Because he also has broad experience in faith-based and non-profit institutions, Dr. Mike also offers exceptionally relevant coaching for leaders in non-profits and churches.

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