Consulting And Training
For Non-Profits and Churches

Delivered Virtually or In Person

The world of churches and non-profit organizations . . .

. . . provides a unique challenge to leaders and managers. Not only do they depend on a largely volunteer workforce, they are often working with a product that is intangible and difficult to measure. Moreover, most of them are supported through fund-raising rather than selling goods or services.

We bring decades of experience to helping non-profits, institutions, and churches meet their most challenging management, leadership, and organizational needsHaving spent years of his life in ministry and the non-profit sector, Mike Armour identifies closely with the complexity of church, parachurch, and non-profit leadership. For decades he has been a frequent consultant in the non-profit sector and has chaired multi-million dollar fund-raising campaigns.

Based on his wealth of experience, Mike will tailor any of his trainings or coaching programs to the needs of a particular non-profit organization and its functional environment. Several times each year he facilitates strategic planning sessions for churches and non-profits. And he regularly consults on conflict management within non-profit and volunteer settings.

Some of his trainings, indeed, are specifically for churches, parachurch organizations, and non-profits, including

  • Leadership in non-profit settings
  • Non-profit governance
  • Managing volunteer organizations
  • Motivating and retaining volunteers
  • Building a uniting vision
  • Clarifying core values
  • Preventing and overcoming conflict
  • Building donor support

Churches and other non-profits will find his use of Graves systems analysis particularly helpful in shaping their corporate culture. And while his book, Systems-Sensitive Leadership, is insightful for any leader or manager, it is especially worthwhile to leaders in churches and church-related institutions.

Please Note: We do not currently host open-enrollment trainings for the general public. Our LeaderPerfect® trainings are all individually designed for specific businesses, nonprofits, or government entities and are delivered at their facility, as part of an off-site, or in a virtual format.