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►  What is Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI)?

What Is Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI)?

SLDI is a Dallas-based firm which has offered comprehensive leadership development services nationwide and globally since 2001. SLDI's clients range from mom-and-pop startups to Fortune 100 companies, and its LeaderPerfect® services have extended to over six-dozen industries.

►  What is SLDI's history?

What is SLDI's history?

SLDI was founded in 2001 by Dr. Mike Armour, who remains its president and managing principal.

By 2006, SLDI had built a team of about 18 associated coaches and trainers serving clients nationwide and abroad. By then, SLDI was also coaching executives in Fortune 100 companies and maintaining leadership development programs stretching from coast to coast.

In 2011, SLDI made further expansion overseas by opening an office in Kigali, Rwanda. For the next eight years (until the COVID pandemic), SLDI provided leadership and management training for top government officials and business leaders in Kenya, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.

Dr. Mike used the pandemic to restructure SLDI stateside and diversify its offerings, particularly in business consulting. More recently, he has assembled a new team of associates whose backgrounds and qualifications align with the company's redefined menu of services.

►  What is the relationship between SLDI and LeaderPerfect®?

What is the relationship between SLDI and LeaderPerfect®?

LeaderPerfect® is a trade name for the operational arm of SLDI which provides person-to-person leadership development. Other components of SLDI function as publishing and podcasting arms. LeaderPerfect® is a registered trademark.

►  What LeaderPerfect® services does SLDI provide?

What LeaderPerfect® services does SLDI provide?

SLDI specializes in comprehensive leadership development programs for executives, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and institutional boards. LeaderPerfect® services include

  • executive coaching and development, leadership coaching, and executive mentoring
  • executive career development and onboarding
  • consulting on business development, strategy, communication, organizational design, and merger and acquisition integration
  • training and workshops on specific leadership, management, and communication skills
  • programs aimed at strengthening or rebuilding trust within an organization
  • assessments of organizational culture and its health
  • creation or enhancement of internal mentoring programs for companies and non-profits
  • facilition of strategic planning and other high-value decision-making sessions
  • team-building and team alignment
  • high-impact keynoting and breakouts for conferences and corporate events

►  Are LeaderPerfect® services offered online in a virtual format?

Are LeaderPerfect® services offered online in a virtual format?

Even though we believe that live, in-person delivery is the preferred setting for leadership development, all LeaderPerfect® coaching, mentoring, and training programs (with the exception of team-building and facilitation) are offered virtually. In most cases, consulting services can also be provided as an online service.

►  What kinds of businesses and organizations do you serve?

What kind of businesses and organizations do you serve?

We work with a diverse array of businesses, professional partnerships, startups, and government agencies, both in terms of size and field of business. The following links offer you an extended list of industries and clients who have capitalized on SLDI's LeaderPerfect® Resources and Solutions.

In the non-profit arena we have extensive experience with private schools, churches, parachurch ministries, political campaigns, community organizations, and fund-raising.

►  What are the qualifications of your team?

What are the qualifications of your team?

Our team members must have sufficient professional and life-experience to fulfill our primary mission, which is to help strategic-level decision-makers excel in their role.

For that reason, we draw our team members from people with years of experience at the C-Suite level and with a proven track record as coaches, trainers, or consultants. Even though our team members hold a variety of coaching, training, and consulting certifications, our criteria for team membership put more emphasis on lifetime accomplishment and experience than on credential certifications.

As a result, our team is somewhat older than those which you might find elsewhere, because our aim is to provide clients with the kind of expertise and perspectives that are developed over a longhaul career.

►  What parts of the country do you serve?

What parts of the country do you serve?

We serve clients nationwide. We have purposefully located SLDI in Dallas, Texas in order to be centrally located for air travel in the U.S. and to have convenient international connections. We therefore routinely provide leadership development programs from coast to coast — indeed, anywhere in North America.

►  Do you provide services outside of the U.S.?

Do you provide services outside of the U.S.?

Yes, SLDI has taken its LeaderPerfect® programs to Canada, Mexico, the British Isles, Asiatic Russia, Ukraine, Austria, the Balkans, South Korea, and several nations of Africa. Our team members also have executive experience throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa.

As a result, our global experience is extensive. Because SLDI no longer has overseas offices, we must currently support engagements outside of the U.S. by traveling internationally from Dallas. Clients should therefore allow for these travel costs when considering SLDI for a leadership development engagement.

We can, however, deliver LeaderPerfect® programs virtually almost anywhere in the world and at the same rate as virtual services in the U.S.

►  What are your fees?

What Are Your Fees?

Because we customize every engagement, we find it best to discuss fees only after we have met with you in a free preliminary consultation to clarify such critical issues as:

  • the specific needs which you face
  • the scope of the assistance which you want us to provide
  • the length of time for the engagement
  • the number of participants whom you anticipate
  • the frequency of our coaching, mentoring, consulting or training sessions
  • the number of locations which you wish us to serve

We prefer to work on a flat fee basis, so that you know from the outset what your total investment will be. Our fees generally fall in the mid-range of what similar firms charge for services. We provide discounts for non-profits and micro-businesses and for organizations who use SLDI for multiple engagements.

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