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Strategic Leadership Development International, Inc.
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Strategic Leadership Development International, Inc. (SLDI) . . .

. . . is a subsidiary of Leadership Development Corporation, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Other components of Leadership Development Corporation include

  • a publishing arm named LifeThemes Publishing, which specializes in distributing books, ebooks, and other online resources written by Dr. Mike Armour or others affiliated with SLDI.
  • Keynotes and More®, through which Dr. Armour's professional speaking commitments are managed

SLDI specializes in . . .

. . . comprehensive leadership development programs for executives, top-level managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and institutional boards. SLDI services include

  • consulting on leadership development, strategy, communication, and organizational design
  • executive coaching and executive mentoring
  • training and workshops built around specific leadership and communication skills and
  • high-impact keynoting for conferences and corporate events

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

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►  Who is part of Strategic Leadership Development International?

►  How did Strategic Leadership Development International begin?

►  What kind of business and organizations do you serve?

►  What parts of the country do you serve?

►  What are your fees?

How did Strategic Leadership Development International begin?

Strategic Leadership Development International grew out of Dr. Mike Armour's decades of part-time work as an organizational consultant and leadership coach. During those years he consulted primarily in the non-profit sector, but also did extensive executive coaching with leaders from the corporate world.

Early in 2001 he formed MCA Professional Services Group, LLC (MCAPS Group) and began coaching fulltime. Initially he offered his coaching services through Execu-Coach Associates, a dba for MCAPS Group.

The firm quickly expanded in scope as companies tapped Execu-Coach Associates to assist both in setting strategic direction and in developing leadership teams. To reflect this broader mission, as well as the increasing engagements overseas, Dr. Armour repackaged his leadership development practice in 2004 under the name Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI).

Later, as the international scope of SLDI's work grew larger, and as SLDI launched other leadership and business management initiatives, the need for a larger corporate structure emerged. Thus, Leadership Development Corporation was formed under which to house SLDI, Keynotes and More®, and LifeThemes Publishing. As part of this restructure, Strategic Leadership Development International was incorporated as a fully-owned subsidiary of Leadership Development Corporation.

Who is part of Strategic Leadership Development International?

Dr. Mike Armour is the Chairman and CEO of Leadership Development Corporation and the managing principal of Strategic Leadership Development International. His wife Fran is the Vice-President of both companies, with primary responsibiity for marketing, logistics, and customer relations.

In the U.S. SLDI functions as a virtual corporation, with a small permanent staff, but with formal links to the SLDI Network. The Network consists of colleagues and associates who team with SLDI on a project-by-project basis. These include other executive coaches, business coaches, consultants, and trainers with whom Dr. Armour has worked for years. This gives SLDI the flexibility to customize a leadership development program for your specific needs and draw on the very best people for that program.

SLDI also works jointly with national and international consulting and coaching firms such as the Leets Consortium in Newport Beach California and the St. Charles Group based in Illinois. From this network we can put together effective coaching, consulting, and training teams for a host of corporate and organizational needs.

What kind of businesses and organizations do you serve?

We work with a wide variety of businesses, professional partnerships, non-profits, and government agencies. Recent coaching and consulting clients have included entrepreneurs, CEOs, mid-level and senior executives, bankers, brokers, attorneys, doctors, medical administrators, financial advisors, ministers, consultants, real estate developers, travel specialists, and commissioned sales reps, among others.

Corporate clients have included Nortel, Raytheon, Textron-Bell Helicopter, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, FritoLay, Honda, TXU Energy, Bank of America, Baylor Health Care Systems, Staples, Southern Methodist University, McAfee Software, UBS Wealth Management, ESI Healthcare Solutions, EMJ Corporation, and Greyhound Travel Services.

In addition, we provide extensive assistance to privately-held companies, including those who want to position themselves to go public or to be attractive for acquisition. Among the private-companies we have helped are ViewPoint Bank/Bankers Financial Mortgage, Abilita, PartnerSource, Blackhill Partners, Cain Capital, Argent Properties, Leed Samples and Fulfillment, Sports Video Innovations, 1st Financial Services, and Three Architecture, along with a variety of professional partnerships.

In the non-profit arena we have extensive experience with private schools, churches, parachurch ministries, political campaigns, community organizations, and fund-raising.

What parts of the country do you serve?

We serve clients nationwide and gladly accept overseas assignments. We have purposefully located Strategic Leadership Development International in Dallas, Texas in order to be centrally located for air travel in the U.S. and to have convenient international connections.

Dr. Armour himself has extensive international experience, with graduate degrees in international relations and first-hand training and consulting experience in Russia, Ukraine, Austria, the Balkans, South Korea, Canada, Great Britain, Latin America, and Africa. He also served for five years as CEO of an international non-profit with offices and operations in Austria, Russia, Ukraine, and a dozen other nations of Eastern Europe.

What Are Your Fees?

Because we customize every engagement, we find it best to discuss fees only after we have met with you in a free preliminary consultation to establish:

  • the specific needs you face
  • the scope of the assistance you are asking us to provide
  • the length of time for the engagement
  • the frequency of our coaching, mentoring, or consulting sessions

We prefer to work on a flat fee basis, so that you know from the outset what your total investment will be. We utilize seasoned, highly professional coaches and consultants, and our fees are appropriate for specialists of this calibre. In general, our fees are comparable to those you would pay to obtain quality legal counsel, with discounts available for non-profits and micro-businesses.