Team Building: Integrating Teams
Using Personal Core Values

Training Overview and Course Description

Team-integration drawing on personal core valuesThe ideal of team-building is to bring about team integration. Integration means "making things one."

What better word to describe the kind of unity and collaboration which managers and leaders want for their teams?

This innovative training promotes team integration by capitalizing on the unique core values of each team member. These values are identified using the Core Values IndexTM or CVI, a profoundly insightful instrument.

The CVI measures how four innate drives shape an individual's core values.

  • the drive to get things done
  • the drive to connect with people and the world around us
  • the drive to gain deeper insight into things
  • the drive to enlarge know-how and knowledge

These drives then give rise to core values which shape how we pursue success and fulfillment. The CVI measures our degree of preference for each of these values and their underlying innate drive. These preferences are an accurate predictor of how an individual will make his or her greatest and most fulfilling contributions to a well-functioning team.

This team-building training also identifies where conflict is likely to arise in the team and provides a template for harnessing conflict so that it is creative, not destructive.

Content for this training is drawn from our proprietary LeaderTrack® Professional Development Series for Managers and Leaders.


We gladly tailor this team-building exercise to the specific needs of your organization. Customization is included in the standard fee.

Training Location:

Delivered worldwide as an in-house, off-site, or conference program. Presentations offered in English only.


We normally conduct this type of team integration in a half-day format, but the event can be expanded to a full day by adding other team-building activities.

Standard Fee:

In addition to the following fees, there is a charge of $45 per participant to defray the cost of the Core Values IndexTM, which is taken online and requires about ten minutes to complete.

In North America

  • Half day team integration: $1450
  • Full day with other team-building activities: $2750

Outside North America

  • Half day team integration: $2050
  • Full day with other team-building activities: $3250

Apart from the cost of the CVI profiles, the fee is all-inclusive of pre-event coordination, customization, post-event evaluations, class workbooks, handouts, and other participant materials. (A slight additional fee may be incurred for more than 15 participant notebooks.) No travel fee for trainings in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We provide discounted fees for

  • non-profits and NGOs
  • trainings for multiple groups within a single organization, even at different locations
  • combining several LeaderTrack® training courses into a multi-day or multi-location leadership education program

We also have special pricing for convention break-out presentations.

Additional Training Options

Sample Outline

Here are subjects which are typically part of a team integration using this approach. The final outline is always developed in collaboration with the client. And at the client's request, the course may include topics not listed below.

Qualities of strong teams

How to capitalize on individual strengths to build team strength

The role of values in motivation, performance, and personal fulfillment

Types of values

  • Ends values
  • Means values
  • Core values

Introduction to the Core Values IndexTM

How the CVI differs from personality and behavioral instruments

Individual results as reflected in the CVI

  • sources of personal fulfillment
  • likely blindspots
  • over-reliance/under-reliance on particular innate drives
  • characteristic behavior when a valued innate drive is thwarted
  • most effective types of contributions to the team

Distribution of core values within the team

Team strengths and vulnerabilities in light of this distribution

Degree to which the team as a whole is balanced in its use of the four innate drives

How to draw on CVI insights to prevent conflict from becoming destructive and counterproductive within the team