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Young manager making a presentation to peers.

Here's a statement that you've probably never heard in your organization: "We don't have any communication problems around here."

Communication training for executives, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Communication breakdowns are common and far too familiar, aren't they?

Through quality LeaderPerfect® communication training you can reduce the frequency of communication issues.

Using certified business communication trainer Dr. Mike Armour, Strategic Leadership Development International provides training, coaching, and consulting in one-on-one and group communication, presentation skills, and written communication.

And with enhanced communication, your organization becomes more responsive, more innovative, and more effective.

Please Note: We do not currently host open-enrollment trainings for the general public. Our LeaderPerfect® trainings are all individually designed for specific businesses, nonprofits, or government entities and are delivered at their facility or an off-site.

Interpersonal Communication Training

Listed below are communication topics on which we provide training. Most courses require participant presentations before the group, which precludes virtual delivery of the course.

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►  Building a Commanding Presence as a Communicator

Why do some presenters and speakers seem to hold listeners and audiences in rapt attention effortlessly, while others leave the groups restless and disengaged? Effective communicators always provide quality content, presented with clarity and simplicity and laid out to be easily followed.

Of no less importance, they make artful use of techniques, rapport-building, body language, gestures, tempo, and tonality that engage their hearers and maintain involvement. LeaderPerfect® business communication training addresses both high-impact presentation of content and skillful delivery of verbal and non-verbal messages.

►  Mastering Interpersonal Communication

Persuasive one-on-one communication is a hallmark of all great leaders. As your business communication trainer. Dr. Mike will help you maximize the impact of your face-to-face conversation skills. LeaderPerfect® training also emphasizes personal persuasiveness in small-group meetings, committees, video conferences, and telephone conversations.

►  Improved Team Communication

Clear, precise communication is the lubricant which optimizes the impact of collaboration and responsiveness within any team. This training focuses on understanding individual personality differences in a team and adjusting communication and motivation styles accordingly. It also examines the root causes of misunderstandings in communication and how to minimize them.

►  Using PowerPoint and Multi-Media Effectively

Poor use of PowerPoint and other presentation media has created a backlash in corporate circles. Properly utilized, however, these media add powerfully to the impact of business communication. We provide training specifically designed to help presenters lay out their visual materials more artfully and to utilize them in ways that engage an audience more fully.

►  Enhanced Platform Skills for Speakers

Senior managers and executives frequently need to speak at professional meetings, before civic groups, or at industry conferences. Their professionalism on the platform has immediate impact on the audience's perception of the company they represent. We provide platform skills training to leave a lasting, positive impression every time you speak. Our training draws on Dr. Mike's 40 years as a professional speaker, appearing before audiences around the globe.

Course Duration and Fees

LeaderPerfect® communication trainings vary notably in length. Some (such as our training on PowerPoint and multi-media presentations) can normally be completed i a day. Others are multi-day in scope. However, the training days do not need to be contiguous. They can be spread out over several days or weeks, if you desire.

Multi-day formats are especially necessary for courses aimed at enhancing speaking profidiency before a group. These courses include practical exercises in which the participants demonstrate their mastery of newly-acquired skills. The larger the attendance, the more time required for these demonstrations.

As a result, SLDI can best define the duration of a training only after extended conversation with you about what you want the training to achieve and how many people you want to participate.

In pricing our trainings, we use an all-inclusive flat-fee. The fee is determined by the number of training days, not the number of participants. This allows you to contract and budget for specific training dates without knowing how many people will attend.

Your total fee depends on several factors. For a full explanation, see our standard training fee schedule