Fee Structure for

LeaderPerfect Training Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the quality of our management and leadership training, our fees are both competitive and extremely reasonable. As a small business ourselves, we understand your need to control costs. We therefore strive to make our services affordable for organizations of every size, both profit and non-profit.

Questions and Answers About LeaderPerfect Training Fees

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►    How is my fee determined?

Your fee is based on the number of days or half-days of training, not the number of participants.

You therefore know your total investment up front, no matter how many people you ask us to train. This allows you to contract and budget for specific training dates without knowing the number who will take part.

Your fee is also affected by any add-on services which you may choose to enhance the training. Many courses lend themselves to the use of personality assessments whose findings are incorporated into the training.

In addition, some courses offer an eight-week follow-up option which increases the likelihood that people will actually put into practice what they learn in the training.

These add-ons are very reasonably-priced, and clients who choose them always find it a wise and beneficial investment.

►    What is typically the cost of a LeaderPerfect training?

The majority of trainings in the U.S. conform with the following fee schedule:

Full-day format

  • One day: $2950
  • Two days: $4950
  • Three days: $6750
  • Subsequent days: $1500 each

Half-day format

  • One day: $1595
  • Subsequent days: $1450 each

In this pricing structure, multi-day trainings do not have to occur on contiguous days and may, in fact, be spread out over several months.

►    What does the fee include?

Your fee is all-inclusive. It covers pre-event coordination, customization, post-event evaluations, handouts, workbooks and other participant materials, along with incidental expenses.

►    Is there a charge for travel?

You incur no travel expense if your training is in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area or one of the immediately surrounding counties. Outside of North Texas, we ask clients to cover our cost of transportation and lodging. There is no charge for our travel time. In making airline and hotel reservations, we do our utmost to economize, so that we minimize expenses passed on to the client.

►    Are trainings priced differently outside of the U.S.?

Price schedules for trainings in the U.S. apply equally for trainings anywhere in North and Central America. Elsewhere on the globe, where extensive travel time is required to fulfill the engagement, there may be an added surcharge of up to $600 per day of training.

►    Are there restrictions on the class size?

We set no minimums or maximums for the number of participants. While most courses have about a dozen attendees, we regularly train in settings of five people or fewer. In other settings upwards of a hundred may be in the course.

►    Does the number of attendees affect the fee?

Your fee is the same, whatever the number of attendees, with but one minor exception. The fee assumes that SLDI will provide up to 15 participant notebooks. Should your attendance exceed 15, you may incur a slight additional charge (basically our cost of production) for the extra notebooks required.

►    Do you offer fee discounts?

We provide discounted fees for

  • non-profits and NGOs
  • trainings for multiple groups within a single organization, even at different locations
  • combining several LeaderTrack® training courses into a multi-day or multi-location leadership education program
  • convention or conference breakout presentations

We also grant a 10% discount for training fees paid in full at least 30 days prior to the event. (Discounts may not be "stacked.")

►    When is the fee due?

The fee must be paid in full no later than the day of the training. Should SLDI be entitled to reimbursement for lodging or transportation, these are to be paid within 30 days of SLDI's invoice for them.

For trainings which require extensive customization or extraordinary time for preparation, SLDI may require a deposit to hold the date on its calendar. The deposit may be up to half of the training fee. The amount of the deposit, its due date, and a refund schedule for cancellation will be established at the time that the client finalizes a training date.

►    What about the cost of a training site?

As a rule, we rely on the hosting organization to provide a place on site for the training or to cover the cost for a rented venue off-site.

In most parts of the world, SLDI can, at the client's request, provide a meeting facility through its leasing relationship with Regus Office Systems. This rental expense is then added to the SLDI fee. Moreover, this portion of the fee must be remitted to SLDI in full at least 30 days prior to the event in order to guarantee the venue.