Executive Coaches
Pushing You to Do Your Best

Good executive coaches have only one objective in mind: helping you achieve peak performance and reach your full potential.

Executive coaches press you to achieve your best

Executive coaches are not bashful about pressing you to set stretch goals. And they never hesitate to hold you accountable for reaching the goals that you've set.

By working with an executive coach, you can expect to

  • discover new-found satisfaction and fulfillment in your career
  • improve your greatest leadership strengths and contributions
  • minimize your "blind spots" and vulnerabilities
  • develop specific game plans for achieving stellar performance
  • enhancee your impact as a communicator and motivator
  • align your organization strategically
  • build deeper trust within your leadership circle
  • deepen the people skills essential to your executive leadership
  • build a powerful team around you

As you work through these and related issues, your executive coach is pulling for you every step of the way. Because of the candor and the deep relationship between executive coaches and their clients, the two commonly become friends for life.

Yet friend or not, good executive coaches do not cut you any slack. As with athletic coaches, their calling is to optimize your professional success and effectiveness. They will therefore be firm, but cordial, in keeping you focused on the priorities that you establish early in the coaching engagement.

Our Executive Coaches

The members of our veteran LeaderPerfect® team have a lifetime of service in demanding leadership roles. Because they've experienced the rigors of demanding leadership roles themselves, they know firsthand what it's like to walk in your shoes.

As executive coaches, they bring the benefit of their experience to you. Some of our coaches, like our founder Dr. Mike Armour, have been coaching executives for decades — beginning long before the term "executive coach" was even coined!!

Just think of the benefit you gain when you tap into this experience by engaging us to be your coach.

We contract with several of the largest consulting firms in the world to provide executive coaches for their clients. We work regularly, therefore, in companies of every size, across a host of industries. Let our executive coaches put their exceptional experience in your corner.

We coach leaders in dozens of industries