Our Commitments As
Your Executive Coach Or Mentor

When we become your executive coach or executive mentor . . .

. . . we makes these commitments to you:

  • Your conversations with your coach, and any inside information about your company, will always be treated with absolute confidentiality.
  • We will come to every coaching session fully prepared and singularly focused on you, your goals, and your priorities.
  • We will gladly take calls from you between coaching sessions, at no additional fee.
  • We will return phone calls from you before the end of the day, and when possible within an hour and a half.
  • You are entitled to unlimited email exchanges with your coach between sessions. He or she will make every effort to respond to email within 24 hours, unless travel schedules preclude a timely response.
  • We will gladly reschedule a coaching session at no additional cost so long as you notify us  at least 24 hours in advance that you need to reschedule. Otherwise a charge equal to half the fee for the session may be charged.