Leadership and the Power of Trust

Creating a High-Trust, Peak-Performance Organization

It's no secret. Trust is at historic lows in American culture. And nowhere is the trust-deficit more pronounced than with government, corporate, and institutional leadership.

Against this backdrop Dr. Mike Armour lays out a comprehensive blueprint for practicing Trust-Centered Leadership®.

Based on lessons that he learned while turning around a bankrupt college, Mike shows you how to build exceptional levels of trust in your own leadership and among the members of your team. Here you will learn:

  • The tell-tale signs of a low-trust organization
  • Five things that people must feel in order to trust their leaders
  • Nine-guiding principles of Trust-Centered Leadership®
  • Seven traits of highly trusted leaders
  • The three domains in which leaders must excel in order to be trusted as leaders
  • Fourteen dimensions of trust-building for leaders

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