Enhanced Management Skills
for Experienced Managers

Training Overview and Course Description

Taught Virtually or In Person

Advanced management training is a key to sustained success.

A structured program of management training is essential for sustained success.

The daily tactical decisions of lower and middle management drive the engine of any company or organization. Equipping these managers with practical, thoroughly-mastered skills is a vital investment.

We designed Enhanced Management Skills for managers who have a general command of basic management concepts and who are ready to take their management expertise to another level. (The course presumes management know-how equivalent to the content of our management training course on Management Basics for Frontline and First-Time Managers.)


We tailor this training to your organization's unique leadership and management challenges and to its specific needs. Customization is included in the standard fee.


At present, all LeaderPerfect leadership and management trainings are conducted by Dr. Mike Armour, SLDI's founder and managing principal.

Training Location:

We deliver this course worldwide as an in-house, off-site, or conference event. Please note: Our courses are not currently open for public enrollment. We conduct trainings exclusively for organizations who contract with us for this service.

Available Virtually:

The content of this course can be adapted for virtual delivery. However, we recommend in-person training, because it makes for a better and more complete learning experience.

Language of Instruction:

We only offer presentations in English, but are glad to utilize translators in non-English settings. For decades, Dr. Mike Armour (the instructor) has teamed with translators to conduct trainings on four continents.


Based on your needs and scheduling requirements, we offer this course in a variety of time frames.

  • We can present it in a condensed version as a one-day program.
  • Or we can provide a more thorough presentation over two or three days.
  • Alternatively, we can break the course into multiple half-day segments delivered periodically over an extended period.

In North America (and for virtual presentations anywhere in the world), multi-day trainings can be conducted on non-consecutive days. You can even schedule sessions weeks apart. This permits you to provide monthly or quarterly training programs and use Enhanced Management Skills for Managers as the curriculum.


Extensive notebooks and handouts, PowerPoint presentations, group discussion, case studies, video clips, small-group breakouts, application exercises

Standard Fee:

The price of this courses is an all-inclusive flat-fee. The fee is determined by the number of training days, not the number of participants. This allows you to contract and budget for specific training dates without knowing how many people will attend.

Your total fee depends on several factors. For a full explanation, see our standard training fee schedule

Themes and Topics

Here is a sample of themes commonly covered in Enhanced Management Skills for Experienced Managers when taught in a multi-day format. Shorter duration courses build around a sub-set of these subjects. The final outline is always developed in collaboration with the client. And at the client's request, the course may include topics not listed below.

Review of management basics

  • The mandate and definition of management
  • The six roles of management

Five pivotal adaptations you must make as you advance up the management ladder

Fourteen classic principles of management

Recognizing your blind-spots as a manager

Four options for how you structure your team

How to manage diverse personalities

How to build trust within your team

How to develop your people

  • Career development plans
  • Coaching conversations
  • Effective delegation
  • The Progressive Empowerment Model
  • Holding people accountable without micromanaging

How to motivate your team

  • The inner dynamics of motivation
  • The role of personal values and beliefs in motivation
  • The role of innate personal drives in motivation
  • Moving from motivation to engagement

Becoming more strategic in your thinking

The Present Reality/Desired Reality planning model

How to develop well-formulated goals

How to implement change successfully

Managing within financial and resource constraints

  • What financial reports are telling you and why that's important
  • Why profit is not cash flow
  • Why companies can be profitable and bankrupt at the same time

Building bench strength and preparing for succession

Related Services and Training

Our clients commonly combine management training with one-on-one executive coaching or leadership coaching for some or all of the participants.

Additional Training Options: