Leadership FIRST
Five Critical Leadership Priorities

Training Overview and Course Description

Leadership trainingThe complexity of today's challenges call for leadership first and foremost. When leadership is vibrant and effective, it builds around five qualities of what we call the Leadership FIRST formula: Focus, Inspiration, Resilience, Sustained Drive, and Team Trust.

Leadership FIRST underscores the telling difference made by these five priorities, whose first letters form the acronym FIRST. The presentation is highly practical and filled with insightful illustrations and case studies.

The presentation is relevant to leaders in all walks of life, whether in the profit or non-profit sector. In the case of non-profits and NGOs, their ability to attract volunteers and donors will largely be determined by how well they apply the principles of Leadership First.

But the themes of Leadership FIRST are especially urgent for leaders in today's business and professional worlds. They operate in a hyper-competitive climate where three king-makers determine who wins and who loses:

  • Speed — moving faster, responding faster, and learning faster than the competition
  • Agility — being quick and nimble, rapidly adapting to the challenges of relentless change
  • Innovation — finding new and unprecedented ways to accomplish the company's mission

To meet the unbending demands of these three king-makers, corporate leaders must persistently pursue the five Leadership FIRST priorities.

The content and materials for this training are adapted from our proprietary LeaderTrack® Professional Development Series for Managers and Leaders.


We gladly tailor any of our trainings to the unique leadership challenges and specific needs of your organization. Customization is included in the standard fee.

Training Location:

Delivered worldwide as an in-house, off-site, or conference program. Presentations offered in English only.


One day


PowerPoint presentations, group discussion, case studies, small-group breakouts, video clips, application exercises

Standard Fee:

The standard fee is all-inclusive. It covers pre-event coordination, customization, post-event evaluations, handouts, participant materials, and incidental expenses. (A slight additional charge may occur for more than 15 participant notebooks.) There is generally no travel fee for trainings in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In North America: $2750

Outside of North America: $3350


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  • non-profits and NGOs
  • trainings for multiple groups within a single organization, even at different locatons
  • combining several LeaderTrack® courses into a multi-day or multi-location leadership education program

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Dr. Armour is also available for keynote speeches on Leadership FIRST.

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Sample Outline

Here are themes typically covered in Leadership FIRST. The final outline is always developed in collaboration with the client. And at the client's request, the course may include topics not listed below.

Why the last quarter-century has seen an explosion of interest in leadership

What sets leading apart from managing

How the distinctions between leadership and management have become blurred

Five critical leadership priorities: the FIRST acronym


The unparalleled power of focus
How to win the daily battle with distraction
How to maintain clarity on what is most important
Giving tireless attention to values, vision, and culture
Keys to sustained personal and organizational focus


Moving beyond motivation to inspiration
Embracing the principle that there is no inspiration without aspiration
How to captivate your team with your aspirations
Seven avenues for inspiring your people


Tapping the resolve to bounce back
Modeling resilience for your team
How to develop a resilient mindset
Critical factors in emotional, spiritual, and physical resilience

Sustained Drive

How to stay on track in spite of disruptions
How to master the art of persistence
The power of reframing setbacks as feedback
How to fuel sustained drive by drawing on focus, inspiration, and resilience

Team Trust

Trust as glue, trust as lubricant
Core benefits of a high-trust team
The neuro-psychology of trust
Five things your people must feel in order to trust
How leaders gain the trust of their people
How leaders foster trust within their team

Harnessing these priorities to maintain speed, agility, and innovation