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Leadership development through business, and executive coaching

Leadership, Business, and Executive Coaching

Coaching is the ideal way to

  • enhance your personal impact as a leader
  • build stronger leadership teams
  • develop emerging leaders
  • on-board new managers and executives
  • prepare key leaders and executives for their next big assignment
An executive mentoring his team

Executive Mentoring

Tap into the power of mentoring to bring out your full potential as an executive, manager, or entrepreneur.

Or let us help you develop your own in-house mentoring program, just as we've done for other successful organizations — from private family businesses to Fortune 100 corporations.

We will work beside you in designing and rolling out the program. And we will train your managers and executives to be effective coaches and mentors.

Manager conducting one-on-one leadership training

Leadership and Management Training

Build a corporate culture anchored in empowerment, excellence, and effectiveness.

Capitalize on our decades of experience delivering high-value trainings on:

  • leadership
  • management
  • communication
  • team-building
  • principles of trust and character

Development programs for business leaders at every stage of their career

Services Customized to Your Needs

We studiously avoid "cookie-cutter approaches to leadership development." Our services are carefully tailored to your specific needs and priorities. That has been our business philosophy since 2001, when Dr. Mike Armour founded Strategic Leadership Development International (SLDI).

Dr. Armour directly supervises or personally delivers all SLDI services. When he puts together a customized engagement for you, he draws on his decades of experience in developing leaders. Click on the following list of features to discover the difference which SLDI can make for you and your company.

►  Providing Leadership Programs for Companies of Every Size

SLDI's executive development clients range from men and women running small family businesses to leaders in some of America's largest corporations and professional partnerships.

Our engagements span the entire spectrum of private and public organizations, including high-tech, finance, manufacturing, heavy construction, defense, railroads, utilities, telecommunications, retail, health services, law, accounting, and education, along with national and international nonprofits.

We have also served government agencies both in the United States and elsewhere, including the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. See the listing of clients and endorsements elsewhere on this site.

►  Serving Corporations, Leaders, and Executives Nationally and Abroad

From our location in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we are conveniently located to serve clients anywhere in North America or overseas. We are happy to accept assignments that may require extensive travel, including travel abroad.

We also have subsidiary operations in East Africa from which we coordinate Leadership Development Africa, a program which trains both public and private sector leaders.

In addition, executive coaching by telephone or video-conferencing is available to help clients whose budgets are limited.

►  Creating High-Trust Teams

SLDI believes that high levels of trust are essential for sustained success. To this end we specialize in helping organizations build and maintain enduring trust within their corporate culture.

We draw on eleven principles of Trust-Centered Leadership® taken from Leadership and the Power of Trust written by SLDI's founder, Dr. Mike Armour. We coach and train both individuals and teams in practical ways to put these principles to work in their sphere of influence.

►  Offering a Unique Approach to Executive Development

SLDI's executive coaching and leadership development programs emphasize each leader's personal role in executing corporate strategy. We approach strategic leadership from three distinct perspectives.

  • We develop the leadership team that is strategically vital for your company's future
  • We develop leaders who empower your company to gain and maintain strategic leadership in your industry
  • We develop executives who excel individually as strategic leaders, fully equipped to
    • think strategically
    • stay riveted to strategic priorities
    • draw on a full range of strategic leadership skills

►  Delivering LeaderPerfect® Resources and Solutions

We bring decades of experience to leadership and executive development. Over this time we've created an extensive array of proprietary assessment tools and insightful models for understanding interpersonal behavior.

We refer to these proprietary instruments as LeaderPerfect® Resources. We utilize these tools extensively in

  • executive coaching and mentoring
  • keynotes, off-sites, and workshops
  • evaluating and improving leadership development programs
  • creating or enhancing in-house mentoring programs
  • team-building
  • guided facilitation
  • strategic planning and strategic redesign
  • consulting on critical business processes

►  Giving You Big-Firm Expertise without Big-Firm Fees

Our unique business model allows us to provide top-notch expertise to our clients at very competitive rates. Strategic Leadership Development International operates like a virtual corporation, with Dr. Mike Armour as the managing principal.

Mike has formally affiliated himself with other veteran leadership development specialists who have their own firms. This affiliation allows him to quickly pull together a team whose expertise is customized to the needs of a particular client.

This virtual structure minimizes corporate overhead. We then pass these savings along in the form of affordable fees. Yet our executive coaches, executive mentors, consultants, and trainers rank at the top of their profession in terms of knowledge, skill, experience, and effectiveness.

Dr. Mike Armour …

… the founder and managing principal of Strategic Leadership Development International, has personally coached more than 600 executives and entrepreneurs and has trained thousands more. He is also an award-winning author in the field of leadership.

Dr. Mike Armour, executive coach to leaders around the world.As an executive coach, executive mentor, keynote speaker, and organizational consultant, Mike draws on a lifetime of personal leadership experience.

His far-ranging career has included service as a university dean, a college president, a Navy captain, the CIO of a national intelligence organization, the CEO of an international non-profit, a Congressional candidate, and the senior minister for dynamic urban congregations.

Named by Expertise.com As One of
The 16 Best Business Consultants in Dallas

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Mike Armour is a long-standing member of the National Speaker's Association.

Nationwide Resources

Strategic Leadership Development International is part of a national consortium of executive coaches, executive mentors, and organizational specialists with impressive resumes in both corporate management and leadership development.

Drawing on this deep reservoir of talent, SLDI can tailor-make the perfect leadership development team for your company, institution, government agency, or non-profit organization.

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