Consulting And Training
For Non-Profits and Churches

Delivered Virtually or In Person

The world of churches and nonprofit organizations . . .

. . . provides unique challenges for leaders and managers. Not only do such organizations depend on a largely volunteer workforce, they are often seeking outcomes which are intangible and difficult to measure. Moreover, most nonprofits support themselves through fund-raising rather than selling goods or services.

We bring decades of experience to helping non-profits, institutions, and churches meet their most challenging management, leadership, and organizational needsWe are intimately familiar with this world and the challenges it presents. Several members of our team have had extended careers in nonprofit leadership. And SLDI's founder, Dr. Mike Armour, has given decades of his life to ministry and to nonprofit management and board positions.

Based on our wealth of nonprofit experience, we tailor any of our training, coaching, or consulting programs to the unique needs of your particular nonprofit organization and its functional environment.

Several times each year we facilitate strategic planning sessions for churches and non-profits. And we regularly assist with conflict resolution in nonprofit and volunteer settings.

We offer specific trainings for churches, parachurch organizations, nonprofits, and educational institutions, including

  • Leadership in non-profit settings
  • Preparing for a capital campaign
  • Nonprofit governance
  • Managing volunteer organizations
  • Motivating and retaining volunteers
  • Building a uniting vision
  • Clarifying core values
  • Preventing and overcoming conflict
  • Building donor support

Churches and other nonprofits will find Dr. Armour's use of Graves systems analysis particularly helpful in shaping their organizational culture. His award-winning book, Systems-Sensitive Leadership applies Gravesian principles of cultural development specifically to leadership in churches and church-related institutions.

Please Note: We do not currently host open-enrollment trainings for the general public. Our LeaderPerfect® trainings are all individually designed for specific businesses, nonprofits, or government entities and are delivered at their facility or a conference center as part of an off-site, or in a virtual format.