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The Essentials of Being a Leader

Training Overview and Course Description

Taught Virtually or In Person

A leadership training session

Leadership training has never been more urgent. It is no longer enough for organizations to be well-managed. They must also be well-led.

And to be well-led, they need a robust leadership development program. Our course on The Essentials of Being a Leader is a vital and proven resource for any organization wanting to enhance leadership performance.

The training draws a clear distinction between leadership and management, highlights the essential contribution of both, and explores the hallmarks of great leadership wherever it is found.

Content and materials for The Essentials of Being a Leader is adapted from our proprietary LeaderTrack® Professional Development Series for Managers and Leaders. It is an ideal precursor for our course on Advanced Leadership Skills and Principles.


We tailor this training to your organization's unique leadership and management challenges and to its specific needs. Customization is included in the standard fee.


At present, all LeaderPerfect leadership and management trainings are conducted by Dr. Mike Armour, SLDI's founder and managing principal.

Training Location:

We deliver this course worldwide as an in-house, off-site, or conference event. Please note: Our courses are not currently open for public enrollment. We conduct trainings exclusively for organizations who contract with us for this service.

Available Virtually:

The content of this course can be adapted for virtual delivery. However, we recommend in-person training, because it makes for a better and more complete learning experience.

Language of Instruction:

We only offer presentations in English, but are glad to utilize translators in non-English settings. For decades, Dr. Mike Armour (the instructor) has teamed with translators to conduct trainings on four continents.


Based on your needs and scheduling requirements, we offer this course in a variety of time frames.

  • We can present it in a condensed version as a one-day program.
  • Or we can provide a more thorough presentation over two or three days.
  • Alternatively, we can break the course into multiple half-day segments delivered periodically over an extended period.

In North America (and for virtual presentations anywhere in the world), multi-day trainings can be conducted on non-consecutive days. You can even schedule sessions weeks apart. This permits you to provide monthly or quarterly training programs and use Essentials of Being a Leader as the curriculum.

Standard Fee:

The price for this courses is an all-inclusive flat-fee. The fee is determined by the number of training days, not the number of participants. This allows you to contract and budget for specific training dates without knowing how many people will attend.

Your total fee depends on several factors. For a full explanation, see our standard training fee schedule

Themes and Topics

Here is a sampling of themes typically covered in The Essentials of Being a Leader when taught in a multi-day format. Shorter-duration trainings build around a sub-set of these subjects. The final outline is always developed in collaboration with the client. And at the client's request, the course may include topics not listed below.

Historic qualities of great leaders

Traits which distinguish highly-admired leaders

  • Character and integrity
  • Commitment to and passion for the effort which they lead
  • Courage
  • Confidence in themselves and their people

Are you managing? Or leading?

  • Three key questions which distinguish leaders from managers
  • The mandate and roles of management
  • The mandate and definition of leadership
  • Eight functional contrasts between leadership and management
  • Pairing leadership and management in a synergistic partnership

Why leadership is more of an art than a science

The starting point for leadership: developing a sense of shared purpose

  • Three tiers of organizational values and how they relate to vision and mission statements
  • Creating clarity around vision and direction
  • Underscoring the ultimate "why" behind what the leader envisions
  • Finding compelling ways to explain the vision
  • Conveying an orchestrating ideology to your team

The people-centric nature of leadership

  • Basic insights into what "makes people tick"
  • Looking at the leader-follower relationship through the lens of neuro-science
  • How to bring out the best in people
  • How to foster an atmosphere where people can flourish
  • How to instill high levels of trust within the organization

Basic principles of motivation

Tapping into values to motivate

Seven avenues for inspiring your people

The management side of leadership

  • Translating vision and strategy into action plans
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Maintaining a culture of accountability
  • Eleven management styles from which leaders can choose

Related Services and Training Options:

Our clients commonly combine leadership training with one-on-one leadership coaching or executive coaching for some or all of the participants.

A one-hour keynote on The Art of Leadership is also available, highlighting key leadership principles developed in this training. You can schedule the keynote as a preliminary event in your organization to build interest in an upcoming training class on The Essentials of Being a Leader.

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