Leadership and Management:
When to Lead, When to Manage

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A well-led, well-managed company

Superbly-run organizations need to be well-led and well-managed. While the words "leadership" and "management" are commonly used interchangeably, they are distinctly different enterprises.

Most people easily recognize the difference between reporting to someone who is a good manager — even a great manager — and reporting to someone who is a genuine leader.

This training examines the underlying dynamics of both leadership and management, highlights the contrast between the two, and demonstrates the need for them to work in tandem in mutually supportive roles. The presentation is quite practical in tone and packed with case studies and insightful illustrations.

Content and materials for When to Lead, When to Manage are adapted from our proprietary LeaderTrack® Professional Development Series for Managers and Leaders.


We tailor this training to your organization's unique leadership and management challenges and to its specific needs. Customization is included in the standard fee.


At present, all LeaderPerfect leadership and management trainings are conducted by Dr. Mike Armour, SLDI's founder and managing principal.

Training Location:

We deliver this course worldwide as an in-house, off-site, or conference program. The content can also be adapted for virtual delivery. Please note: Our courses not currently open for public enrollment. We conduct trainings exclusively for organizations who contract with us for this service.

Available Virtually:

The content of this course can be adapted for virtual delivery. However, we recommend in-person training, because it makes for a better and more complete learning experience.

Language of Instruction:

We only offer presentations in English, but are glad to utilize translators in non-English settings. For decades, Dr. Mike Armour (the instructor) has teamed with translators to conduct trainings on four continents.


Half day or as a half-day segment of a training which incorporates other courses from our LeaderTrack® Professional Development Series.


Handouts, PowerPoint presentations, group discussion, case studies, small-group break-outs, video clips, application exercises

Standard Fee:

The price of this courses is an all-inclusive flat fee. The fee is determined by the number of training days, not the number of participants. This allows you to contract and budget for specific training dates without knowing the number who will take part.

Your total fee depends on several factors. For a full explanation, see our standard training fee schedule

Themes and Topics

Here is a sampling of themes on which When to Lead, When to Manage typically draws. The final outline is always developed in collaboration with you and may include topics not listed below.

Common tendencies to confuse management with leadership

The mandate and definition of management

The mandate and definition of leadership

A manager's six primary roles

A leader's three primary roles

Three questions which distinguish leaders from managers

Eight functional contrasts between management and leadership

Building a synergistic partnership between management and leadership

Considerations determining whether an organization should be management-dominant or leadership-dominant

The process-centric nature of management

The people-centric nature of leadership

The leadership side of management

The management side of leadership

Specific scenarios in which management should be at the fore

Specific scenarios in which leadership should be at the fore

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