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Training Course for Trust-Centered Leadership

Leaders who build trust have always held societies and organizations together. But today, an added dynamic makes trustworthy leadership even more essential.

The pace of both change and competition are now so fierce that long-term, superlative performance is absolutely vital. And sustained peak performance is possible only in settings where trust runs deep.

This training delves into the principles which define Trust-Centered Leadership®. It underscores the competitive advantage of being an organization in which trust prevails among workers, between workers and management, and with vendors and customers.

The insights and principles in this training are derived from the firsthand experience of Dr. Mike Armour, the presenter and SLDI's managing principal. He developed the framework of Trust-Centered Leadership® while turning around a near-bankrupt college and drawing on trust-building to hold the campus together during the protracted turn-around.

The content and materials for Mastering Trust-Centered Leadership® are adapted from our proprietary LeaderTrack® Professional Development Series for Managers and Leaders and are based on Dr. Armour's book Leadership and the Power of Trust: Building a High-Trust, Peak-Performance Organization.


We tailor this training to your organization's unique leadership and management challenges and to its specific needs. Customization is included in the standard fee.


At present, all LeaderPerfect leadership and management trainings are conducted by Dr. Mike Armour, SLDI's founder and managing principal.

Training Location:

We deliver this course worldwide as an in-house, off-site, or conference event. Please note: Our courses are not currently open for public enrollment. We conduct trainings exclusively for organizations who contract with us for this service.

Available Virtually:

The content of this course can be adapted for virtual delivery. However, we recommend in-person training, because it makes for a better and more complete learning experience.

Language of Instruction:

We only offer presentations in English, but are glad to utilize translators in non-English settings. For decades, Dr. Mike Armour (the instructor) has teamed with translators to conduct trainings on four continents.


Based on the needs and scheduling requirements, of your organization, we can deliver this training in a half-day or a more extensive full-day format.


Handouts, PowerPoint presentation, group discussion, case studies, small-group breakouts, video clips, and application exercises

Standard Fee:

The price for this courses is an all-inclusive flat-fee. The fee is determined by the number of training days, not the number of participants. This allows you to contract and budget for specific training dates without knowing how many people will attend.

Your total fee depends on several factors. For a full explanation, see our standard training fee schedule

Themes and Topics

Here is a sampling of themes from which Mastering Trust-Centered Leadership® typically draws. The final outline is always developed in collaboration with the client and may include topics not listed below.

Trust as "glue-bricant"

  • The glue that holds an organization together in tough times
  • The lubricant that makes things run smoothly at all times

Four states of organizational trust

  • Active distrust
  • Withheld trust
  • Low trust
  • High trust

"Trust-busting" actions, attitudes, and behavior

Social factors shaping distrust in the workplace

What influences people to trust their company or organization

Tell-tale signs of distrust

Fear, anxiety, and the neuro-psychology of trust

Five things people must feel in order to trust:

  • Safe
  • Informed
  • Respected
  • Valued
  • Understood

The three dimensions of leadership trust

  • Character
  • Competence
  • Concrete results

Character traits that foster trust

Trust-building competencies

Seven qualities of highly-trusted leaders

  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Truthfulness and Openness to Truth
  • Responsiveness
  • Unblemished Fair Play
  • Support and Encouragement
  • Team Care

Eleven principles of trust-centered leadership

Practical steps for rooting out "trust-busting" behavior in your team

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The presenter, Dr. Mike Armour, is also available for keynote addresses on Trust-Centered Leadership®.

For a nominal additional fee, all of your attendees can receive a copy of his book Leadership and the Power of Trust: Building a High-Trust, Peak-Performance Organization.

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