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Looking for stimulating and insightful articles on all aspects of leadership?

The goal of LeaderPerfect Newsletter is to provide challenging, insightful content to transform both leaders and the organizations they lead.

LeaderPerfect Newsletter was one of the first leadership newsletters to appear on the internet. It began publication in 2001 and was distributed via email.

Today it is a showcase newsletter on LinkedIn.

Dr. Mike Armour launched LeaderPerfect Newsletter shortly after he founded Strategic Leadership Development International in 2001. He published it on a bi-weekly basis for nearly two decades until heavy travel commitments overseas compelled him to suspend it.

With the increasing popularity of newsletters on LinkedIn, he has chosen to resume publication.

Both past and current issues of the newsletter are valued resources for people who want to enhance leadership or management skills. Most issues feature practical advice on leadership, motivation, organizational life, self-improvement, or interpersonal relations. Other issues are inspirational or thought-provoking.

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Legacy Index

The Legacy Index covers issues distributed between 2001 and 2015. It classifies them by theme. This makes for a useful way to explore specific topics related to leadership.

All issues in the Legacy Index are stored on this website and can be downloaded in a PDF format.

LinkedIn Index

The LinkedIn Index provides a simple way to find issues that have been published on LinkedIn. Each listing in the index provides a brief summary of a given issue and a direct link to the corresponding LinkedIn page. Unlike LinkedIn posts, which remain accesible only for brief periods, issues of LeaderPerfect Newsletter are permanently available.

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