TV Interview on Leadership, Management, and Team-Building with Mike Armour

Recently Dr. Mike Armour sat down with Jim Masters of Close-Up TV in New York for a lengthy interview. The focus was on leadership, trust-building, change management, and team-building.

Find the full interview below followed by two dozen clips taken from it.

Full Interview on Close-Up Television

Clips from the Interview

Leadership and Management

The Definition of Leadership
Achieving Leadership Success?
The Evolving Role of Management
Teaming Leadership with Management
Visionary Leadership
The Understated Leader
Capitalizing on Opinion Leaders

Building High Levels of Trust

Creating a Climate of Trust
The Trust-Building Mandate for Leaders
Build Trust with Caring Leadership

Setting the Organization's Course

Articulating Core Values
Strategic Thinking

Corporate Culture and Change Management

Why Corporate Culture is Slow to Change
Successful Change Management
Agility, Speed, and Innovation: The Three King-Makers
Countering Polarization in the Workplace

Team-Building and People Skills

Why Soft Skills Are Not Really Soft
Building Strong Teams
Finding Purpose and Fulfillment