A Holistic A.C.T.I.O.N. Plan
for Coaching and Mentoring

Successful coaching and mentoring partnerships evolve through six stages, named and outlined below. We call this our A.C.T.I.O.N. plan, using the first letter of each name to form the word "action." Here's a brief description of what you and your coach or mentor will be doing at each stage.

Assessing . . .

  • What you want your coaching to accomplish
  • How you will guage the success of your coaching
  • Whether you and the coach or mentor can form a strong, productive team

Commiting . . .

  • To each other in a coaching or mentoring partnership
  • To specific desired outcomes
  • To the timeframe for your work together

Tailoring . . .

  • A program that fits your needs
  • A format that works best for you
  • A schedule that moves you forward at a constructive pace

Integrating . . .

  • Your personal and professional goals into an energizing whole
  • Your core values and key roles into full alignment
  • Your competing commitments into a balanced agenda

Optimizing . . .

  • New or improved skills to enhance your effectiveness
  • Sustained focus on your most important priorities
  • Quality time for personal growth and renewal

Nurturing . . .

  • Your resolve and motivation to turn goals into realities
  • Empowering beliefs that enlarge your sense of personal possibilities
  • Deeper connection with your inner strength and spiritual essence

We cover the first three of these stages rather quickly, usually in an initial session or two. The real work of our coaching or mentoring partnership takes place in stages four, five, and six. Here is where we thoroughly apply LeaderPerfect® Solutions and where you make the rewarding changes you are looking for.

In many cases these last three stages take several months to complete. Or in the case of extensive coaching goals, they may require a year or more.

Many people find it more convenient (and equally effective) to be coached by phone or internet rather than in person. We gladly accommodate requests to provide coaching over the phone or by email. Whenever distance and schedules permit, however, we prefer to conduct the first session or two face-to-face. This allows us to build rapport and a strong working relationship more quickly.