Communication and Leadership Training

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Communication training for every leadership situation

We avoid a "one-size-fits-all" approach to training. Instead, we create customized workshops and trainings that are

  • tailored to the client's desired outcomes
  • built around the unique needs of the participants
  • tied to the best methods for each training context

Please note that we do not currently host trainings for the general public. All of our trainings are custom designed for the leaders of a specific business or nonprofit.

Our specialization includes:

With our commitment to quality training . . .

. . . we train only in fields where we have particular strength. These include

  • Leadership
  • Trust Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching And Mentoring Skills
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Trainer Training

Drawing on decades of experience in non-profit organizations, we also offer training in areas of special concern for non-profits, including:

  • Leadership in non-profit settings
  • Managing volunteer organizations
  • Motivating and retaining volunteers
  • Creating a uniting vision
  • Clarifying core values
  • Building donor support

For additional details, see our web page on non-profit leadership training.