Presentational Skills and
Communication Coaching for Executives

One-on-one or group communication coaching

Have you ever been in an organization with no communication problems?

Probably not. Communication problems refuse to be eradicated. They can only be managed and minimized. Keeping them to a minimum, however, requires constant vigil and attention.

As your communication coach, Dr. Mike Armour helps you

A communication coach can give you presentation skills that let you communicate powerfull in any setting
  • be more forceful and persuasive in public presentations
  • handle difficult one-on-one conversations effectively
  • keep verbal and non-verbal messages aligned
  • build rapport quickly
  • use precision in what you communicate
  • choose language that engages the listener
  • use posture and gestures more powerfully
  • develop critical listening skills
  • read non-verbal feedback appropriately

Mike's communication coaching draws on his own skills as an exceptional communicator himself. In high school and college he established himself as a championship speaker.

Communication coaches train you to make powerful presentation before small groups

From that beginning he went on to keynote major events and programs for decades. He has also hosted radio and television programs in major markets and is an experienced editor and a successful author.

Adding to his proficiency as a communication coach, Mike is credentialed as a business communication trainer, as are other coaches affiliated with him. He has an extensive knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and can train you to incorporate NLP skills into interpersonal communication.

Mike provides communication coaching and training for individuals or for groups. Fortune 100 companies have engaged him to help executives hone a critical presentation they are to make to their board or CEO.

Communication coaching can also be part of an engagement for him to serve as an executive coach or mentor.