Statement of Information Privacy for
LeaderPerfect Newsletter Subscribers

We closely adhere to the core principles and best practices of ezine privacy protection.

LeaderPerfect Newsletter uses the following policies in managing its subscription list data and the distribtuion of the newsletter:

  • Subscriptions are maintained on an opt in/opt out basis.
  • We send the newsletter only to people who personally request it, either in conversation, by email, through our web page, or via correspondence.
  • Opting in requires only a valid email address.
  • Each newsletter contains simple instructions on how to discontinue a subscription.
  • We also provide a link on our web site to opt out.
  • We treat our subscription list and all the data in it as private information. We never sell subscription information or share it with third parties.
  • We distribute the newsletter using techniques that mask each recepient from the names or email addresses of other subscribers.
  • We do not collect personal or business information on any subscriber over and beyond the information voluntarily supplied when a subscription is requested.
  • We do not track subscriber behavior related to the newsletter. That is, we do not collect information as to which subscriber opened a newsletter or when they opened it.
  • We will gladly respond to email inquiries about our privacy policies.