Leadership Development Africa
Building Africa's Economic Future One Leader at a Time

Since 2011 Strategic Leadership Development International, Inc. has offered leadership and management training programs across Africa.

Training leadership for Africa's economic future

These are part of an initiative called Leadership Development Africa, undertaken jointly with Leadership Training Associates International, Ltd (LTAI) of Nairobi, Kenya. LTAI was founded and is managed by Jospeh Nyaisa.

Our trainings in Africa target top-tier and second-tier leadership and management in both the public and private sectors. Our goal is to bring global best practices in leadership to the economic opportunities of Africa.

For first-time or relatively new managers, we provide multi-day courses that cover five areas of management responsibility:

  • oversight
  • coordination
  • planning
  • execution
  • and control

For more advanced managers and for those in leadership positions, our training emphasizes the distinctions that separate leadership from management. It also focuses on five essential traits for effective leadership:

  • manifesting exemplary character
  • establishing robust trust
  • aligning the organization for success
  • creating an engaged workforce
  • and developing a results-oriented culture

To date we have provided training for officials in Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria. In addition, we have hosted county-wide business expos in Kenya to help local small businesses showcase their wares and network with other entrepreneurs.

In addition we organize and manage local small business expos to help small business owners showcase their goods and build a broader network of relationships with other entrepreneurs.

The Vision of Leadership Development Africa

To help Africa achieve her global economic potential through exceptional leadership in the public and private sectors.

The Mission of Leadership Development Africa

We equip established and emereging African leaders to transform the economic landscape of their continent based on principles of democracy and a free-market economy. We deliver professional, high-value leadership development programs built around current best practices worldwide.

Contact Information

To discuss training programs or business expos in Africa contact Joseph Nyaisa by email or by mail at P.O. Box 59834 00200 Nairobi Kenya. Or contact Dr. Mike Armour in the U.S. by phone (1-877-753-4685 toll free) or by email.